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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Oct. 24, Sun, TUNNG, La Machine du Moulin Rouge. You've heard of Animal Collective and The Doves. Here's the experimental folk of TUNNG. Nice stuff--if you like flutes, pipe-banging percussions, occasional electronic indulgences, in addition to your traditional stringed folk instruments.

Oct. 26, Tues, Grinderman @ Cite de la Musique. Nick Cave's group. What more to say?

Oct 28, Thur, F$#%K the Rules: Hail Satanic Rocknroll Party, with DJ Le Grand Duc du Kansas and Dj Dr. Vibrafingers. Wildass, Halloween-themed, vintage rocknroll, rockabilly, soul, ska-reggae, punk, and novelties!

Oct. 29, Fri, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Classic late 60s Soul Revival @ La Cigale.

Oct. 29 Fri, Paris vs. Nice @ La Miroiterie: Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Imodium, Joe La Mouk, Punk a chier, La Releve, un vision. La Miroiterie is an art-punk squat on rue Menilmontant.

Oct. 30 Le Grand Duc du Kansas and DJ Big Voodoo Daddy's Spooky Soul, Black RocknRol
l, and Ska Reggae Halloween Party @ Le Ba
ron Samedi!

Oct. 30, Sat., Crystal Castles @ La Cigale.

Oct. 31 Archie Bronson Outfit, La Maroquinerie. Interesting UK indie outfit. They can bring it. They can be subtle. The vocals sound like...fill in the blank. But they're good--the vocals and everything else.

Nov. 1, Mon, You Say Party, We Say Die @ La Fleche D'Or. Worth checking out if you don't know them.

Nov. 2, Lykke Li @ La Maroquinerie. I lykke a li bit. Very indie low-fi electro-dance-pop.

Nov. 5, Fri, Festival des Inrocks @ La Cigale
The Drums, Surfer Blood, Free Energy, Carl Barât. Yeah!

Nov. 8 Alina Orlova, Cafe de la Danse. Lithuanian-born indie singer-songwriter. For fans of Miss Li.

Nov. 9 Jim Jones REvue. They've been called the most interesting contemporary retro rocknroll band. They do indeed hearken back to a kind of vocal style that combines LIttle Richard and the Sonics. A wild piano and guitars also team up for some soulful but pounding rock that, like Red Bull, gives you wings.

On the old skool punk horizon:

Formerly "Parisnormale: Paris Rocks"