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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sonics in Paris: Review

Proto-Punk Demigods Can Still Deliver

In an interview last summer Sonics’ singer Jerry Roslie had mentioned that the Sonics went into shows trying to blow people’s heads off. Decapitate they didn’t; but they did put on a good show. The ‘60s garage piece the Sonics shared regional glory with the Drastics, the Dynamics, the Regents, the Frantics, the Ventures, and Paul Revere & the Raiders (the latter two being the only regional acts to get national fame). They emerged at a time when hundreds of bands and fans were love struck with the British invasion, to which their gruff style and dark lyrics bear almost no resemblance whatsoever. While others were purring about hand holding and puppy love, they screeched and hollered about Satan, witches, psychos, and drinking strychnine. They are one of those bands like the Velvet Underground who never gained national attention on the release of their original albums but who have gained legendary status ever since they split up in the ‘70s, and are beloved by denizens of underground rock scenes the world over. Continue.

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