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Monday, October 19, 2009

This week: Oct. 19-26

Great Meteors show last night at Nouveau Casino! Thanks, NC!

Oct. 19-26, IN addition to the excellent music offerings below, you might want to check out the intriguing Paris Burlesque festival.

Mon. Oct. 19: Little Bob, Parlor Snakes opening. Check out a video from his show at La Feline last summer.

Tues. Oct. 20 The Bishops (Hot Power UK powerpop/rock) @ NOuveau Casino

Wed. Oct. 21 SF Sorrow Record Show: Every Wednesday at La
Mecanique Ondulatoire. SF Sorrow spins one of the best collections of RnR you'll ever hear.
Always a good time (and you'll discover gems from the past you've never heard; poster on the left).

Oct. 22 D.I.E./Grand Duc du Kansas @ La Feline,
Every other Thursday Le Grand Duc du Kansas/D.I.E. takes you to Old SKOOL dancin', rockin', and sinnin'. Get ready to howl at the moon and shake your tail feather. Have a shot compliments of the Grand Duc! (Hard Honky Tonk, RnR, Garage, Surf,
Classic Dance Punk, Hard INdie Rock...) 6 rue Victor Letalle, Menilmontant

Fri. Oct. 23: The Omens--garage punk from Colorado @ Le Rigoletto, which has just started taking up concerts in the garage punk genre. See poster below.

Oct. 23 Fuck Buttons (experimental fuzzscapes/U.S.) @ Nouveau Casino. These post-rockers have a buzz about them in the indie hipster circles. Here's what to expect

Oct. 24 Kid Harpoon (pop/UK) @ Nouveau Casino. Quite buzzworthy UK popster. If you like Britpop, this could be a good show for you. Check out his myspace samples.

Oct. 26 Bowerbirds, Damien Jurado @ Pt. Ephemere: Damien Jurado is one of the best indie-singer-songwriters out there, in the vein of NIck Drake, Elliot Smith, Will Oldham, Vic Chestnutt, Ryan Adams. Some of his songs are bare with an acoustic guitar, while others have a drum and one other instrument. See video below. Bowerbirds are Nu-folk (or Freak Folk, or whatever) in the genre of Devendra Banhart, Animal Collective, and all those other experimental acoustic characters.

Plus, in the near future:
Nov. 22 @ Nouveau Casino: Black Joe Lewis: The current RAge with Soul and Rockin Blues Fans in the U.S. Get tickets now. Check the music here.

Dec. 7 @ Le Trabendo: THE SONICS, Kings of 60s American Garage Rock. Fast, noisy, catchy, dance-inducing--these guys are unbeatable. Let's see if they still have it in 'em.

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