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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Review: Thao, Indie Folk Rock Album of the Year

Album: Learn Better, Know Faster
Label: Kill Rock Stars

In early 2009 the venerable Kill Rock Stars was once again rewarded for good taste when Thao Nguyen’s much lauded second album became the label’s best seller of 2008. If that album, We Brave Bee Stings and All, was taking a playful distance on growing pains to adulthood, Thao & Co.‘s third album, Know Better, Learn Faster, is a creative, catchy, and often ironically emotive reflection on the timeless theme “love hurts.” It’s all in the title, as Thao explains on the Kill Rock Stars page for the album: “The album is namedKnow Better Learn Faster because you can’t. By the time you realize you should, it’s too late.” Continue...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thur, OCT. 22 DJ and Rocky HOrror Picture Show Tribute

Thursday night at la Feline, D.I.E./Le Grand Duc's usual smokin' set, plus a tribute to the Rocky HOrror Picture Show running through the night! The film will be projected too! Come have a shot compliments of the Grand Duc!

Monday, October 19, 2009

This week: Oct. 19-26

Great Meteors show last night at Nouveau Casino! Thanks, NC!

Oct. 19-26, IN addition to the excellent music offerings below, you might want to check out the intriguing Paris Burlesque festival.

Mon. Oct. 19: Little Bob, Parlor Snakes opening. Check out a video from his show at La Feline last summer.

Tues. Oct. 20 The Bishops (Hot Power UK powerpop/rock) @ NOuveau Casino

Wed. Oct. 21 SF Sorrow Record Show: Every Wednesday at La
Mecanique Ondulatoire. SF Sorrow spins one of the best collections of RnR you'll ever hear.
Always a good time (and you'll discover gems from the past you've never heard; poster on the left).

Oct. 22 D.I.E./Grand Duc du Kansas @ La Feline,
Every other Thursday Le Grand Duc du Kansas/D.I.E. takes you to Old SKOOL dancin', rockin', and sinnin'. Get ready to howl at the moon and shake your tail feather. Have a shot compliments of the Grand Duc! (Hard Honky Tonk, RnR, Garage, Surf,
Classic Dance Punk, Hard INdie Rock...) 6 rue Victor Letalle, Menilmontant

Fri. Oct. 23: The Omens--garage punk from Colorado @ Le Rigoletto, which has just started taking up concerts in the garage punk genre. See poster below.

Oct. 23 Fuck Buttons (experimental fuzzscapes/U.S.) @ Nouveau Casino. These post-rockers have a buzz about them in the indie hipster circles. Here's what to expect

Oct. 24 Kid Harpoon (pop/UK) @ Nouveau Casino. Quite buzzworthy UK popster. If you like Britpop, this could be a good show for you. Check out his myspace samples.

Oct. 26 Bowerbirds, Damien Jurado @ Pt. Ephemere: Damien Jurado is one of the best indie-singer-songwriters out there, in the vein of NIck Drake, Elliot Smith, Will Oldham, Vic Chestnutt, Ryan Adams. Some of his songs are bare with an acoustic guitar, while others have a drum and one other instrument. See video below. Bowerbirds are Nu-folk (or Freak Folk, or whatever) in the genre of Devendra Banhart, Animal Collective, and all those other experimental acoustic characters.

Plus, in the near future:
Nov. 22 @ Nouveau Casino: Black Joe Lewis: The current RAge with Soul and Rockin Blues Fans in the U.S. Get tickets now. Check the music here.

Dec. 7 @ Le Trabendo: THE SONICS, Kings of 60s American Garage Rock. Fast, noisy, catchy, dance-inducing--these guys are unbeatable. Let's see if they still have it in 'em.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Dandy Warhols Are Sound

Here’s another story about an album that a big label accepted and then promptly delivered to the cosmetic surgery department, only to be reincarnated years later in its original form (entitled
The Dandy Warhols
Are Sound
). The Dandy Warhols’ tepidly received 2003 releaseWelcome to the Monkey House was co-produced with Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes, and then delivered to Russell Alvedo (the Roots, D’Angelo) for mixing. However, Capitol Records wasn’t pleased with the mix, so they handed it over to British pop mixer Peter Wheatley (Sugababes, etc.). Wheatley is blamed for downright sabotaging that dandy product. Lucky for history that the original pristine gem has been rescued from its fate to wither away in some corporate records dungeon? Well, let’s not exaggerate. But there's plenty to appreciate in this renovated Monkey House.
Continue here

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Ghouls and boys:
Bone-shakin' month!

Oct. 6 Yacht, Girls, Kumisolo @ Pt. Ephemere
Oct. 7 A-Bones (who did the fantastic soundtrack to "I Was a Teenage Mummy") and Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer) @ Le Trabendo
Oct. 8 Baxter Dury, Telekinesis @ Pt. Ephemere
Oct. 9 The XX (Young Turks/UK) @ Pt. Ephemere
Oct. 10 Skip the Use (electropunk/FR) @ NOuveau Casino
Oct. 12 Mudhoney @ Bataclan !!!!!!! (The Seattle grunge gods live!)
Oct. 13 The MOuntain Goats (U.S.), Yaya Herman Dune @ Pt. Ephemere
Oct. 14 The Thermals (Kill Rock Stars/U.S.) @ Pt. Ephemere
Oct. 15 Golem (Gypsy PUnk/NYC)@ Nouveau Casino
Oct. 15 Peter, John and Bjorn @ La Maroquinerie, 21euros
Oct. 15 Magik Markers (Drag City/U.S.), Aqua Nebula Oscillator (EU), Marvin (FR) @ Pt. Eph.
Oct. 16 Camera Obscura @ La Maroquinerie
Oct. 20 The Bishops (Hot Power UK powerpop/rock) @ NOuveau Casino
Oct. 22 D.I.E./Grand Duc du Kansas @ La Feline, 6 rue Victor Letalle, Menilmontant
Every other Thursday (Hard Honky Tonk, RnR, Garage, Surf, Classic Dance Punk, Hard INdie Rock...)
Oct. 23 Fuck Buttons (experimental fuzzscapes/U.S.) @ Nouveau Casino
Oct. 24 Kid Harpoon (pop/UK) @ Nouveau Casino
Oct. 26 Bowerbirds, Damien Jurado @ Pt. Ephemere
Oct. 28 Jay Reatard @ La Maroquinerie

Formerly "Parisnormale: Paris Rocks"