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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Updated September and some other fall dates

Jay's picks:
  • Sept. 9 SF Sorrow Rocknroll Record Show at La Mecanique Ondulatoire
  • Sept. 11 Fugtivies California Garage Punk plus Djay Grand Duc du Kansas Hillbilly-Garage-Punk at La Feline
  • Sept. 12 Garage/punk/rockabilly German/French bands at Picolo, Paris Flea Market of St. Ouen
  • Sept. 14 Magnolia Electric Co., Cafe de la Danse
  • Sept. 15 Steve Earle, Cafe de la Danse
  • Sept. 17 Micah P. Hinson, Cafe de la Danse
  • Sept. 21 The DAmned, Batofar
  • Sept. 24 Djay Grand Duc du Kansas, la Feline
  • Oct. 4 Sparklehorse, La Maroquinerie
The concert schedule for this Parisian autumn is filling up and looking hot. I don't have a lot of time this week to give much commentary, so here are some bare bones on which I'll be adding more flesh in days to come.
Sept. 2 Dolores Riposte (French pop/punk)--La Miroiterie: 88 rue de Ménilmontant/75020
Sept. 3 D.I.E./Le Grand Duc Du Kansas dj set and rock art opening at UFO bar, 8pm.
Sept. 3 Starboard Silent Side (folk-rock)--Nouveau Casino
Sept. 5 Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Good Reason (punk)--Le Pixi/82, avenue de la République/93170 Bagnolet, Paris
Sept. 6 Dinosaur Jr.: J. Mascis, 90s indie guitar wizard, a patented style, supposedly bringing metal's guitar virtuosity (the solo) into indie rock. He's plucked some immortal ones--Elysee Montmartre
Sept. 6 Hank Williams III--La Maroquinerie
Sept. 7 Tenniscoats and the Pastels--Pt. Ephemere
Sept. 8 Mum (Iceland)--La Maroquinerie
Sept. 9 Dirty Projectors--La Maroquinerie
Sept. 9 White Denim--Pt. Ephemere : Weird stuff. Some songs seem like world music meets garage. Other songs are much more influenced by the Animal Collective weirdness, while the song may spin off into math rock.
Sept. 9 Rocknroll Djs 21h SF SORROW RECORD SHOW w/ DJ BALDO. Do the jerk and hully gully until 2h, MECANIQUE ONDULATOIRE! Free.
Sept. 10 D.I.E./Le Grand Duc Du Kansas dj set at LA FELINE. Wild Hillbilly, Rockabilly, Garage, Punk. Faster, Faster Pussycats!
Sept. 10 Al Foul one-man-band from Arizona (Americana) at Plastic, dj set by SF Sorrow.
Sept. 11 The Fugitives (garage punk from California/Paris) live, plus hellbilly, garage, puk dj set by D.I.E./GDK0--concert at 8pm, La Feline
Sept. 11 The Gossip--Nouveau Casino
Sept. 12: Saturday 12 septembre 19 h Big Show!
LES BARROCKS present their rentree concert!
CURLEE WURLEE! (Allemagne) myspace
Sexy Franglais 60's garage & beat fuzz sensation !!!
PERIPHERIQUE EST (Belgique) myspace
76 Francophone punk
LES HULKS (France), Trash punk myspace
MOTORED (France) Dirty and Noisy! myspace!
Where? PICOLO (58, rue Jules Vallès à St Ouen), Flea Market, métro Porte de Clignancourt. Cover: 5 Euros

Sept. 14 Magnolia Electric Co.*--Cafe de la Danse, 9pm, 16euros:
Secretly Canadian recordings' Magnolia Electric Company is fronted by the distinctive-voiced, morose soundscapes of Jason Molina. MEC was formerly Songs: Ohia until Molina changed the name in 2003. If you like the low-fi, lovelorn lyricism thing, this is for you. Darkness was never so sweet. Compare to Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy and My Morning Jacket, with whom Molina has also recorded. From "Lonesome Valley": "Out here the ghost wears the feathered crown of blues/And the sickle moon to watch over all the lost horizon/All through the lonesome valley, the lonesome valley."
Sept. 15 The Cribs (featuring Johnny Marr/The Smiths)--Nouveau Casino
Sept. 15 Steve Earle/Tiny Vipers (altcountry/protest rock/indie folk)--Cafe de la Danse:
Damnit! Steve Earle is an American Music Legend, bound for the pantheon with Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Willie Nelson. You know that, right? If not, check this out. He's a talented singer-songwriter, reformed drug addict, and activist against the death penalty and a host of other social justice issues. This will sell out so go to Cafe de la Danse site and get tickets.
Sept. 16 Fleet Foxes: soft, acoustic, purr purr kitty ditties. Last year's album made most critics' top ten lists--Grand REx
Sept. 16 Friendly Fires--Nouveau Casino
Sept. 17 Malcolm Middleton, Reverend and The Makers et 1990s: Malcolm Middleton was 1/2 of the band Arab Strap. Good melodic indie. Youtube them.--La Maroquinerie
Sept. 17 Micah P. Hinson*--Cafe de la Danse
Legion are those who aspire to the ranks of bard singer-songwriter, but grasp futilely at the rope dangled down from Steve Earle, Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, Tom Waits, Vic Chestnutt, and Richard Buckner. Micah P. Johnson is different. A Johnny Cash lurks in the baleful baritone behind his boyish looks and slight build. The 27-year-old who bottomed out at 19, penniless and drug addled, today testifies with gorgeous indie folk (occasionally more rocked up) about love and self-destruction (what else?). For a live sample, try this. And this
Sept. 18 Adam Green--Centre Georges Pompidou
Sept. 18 Noah and the Whale--Cafe de la Danse
Sept. 21 The Damned: Classic British Punk Legends--Batofar (get tickets here)
Sept 23 Fiery Furnaces--La Maroquinerie
Sept. 24 Djay Indie Eclectique/Grand Duc du Kansas hot rock set at La FELINE
Sept. 25 Djay Indie Eclectique at Planete Mars, honky tonk, indie rock, -pop, garage.
Sept. 25 Les Prouters, Poppers, begarsound, Chepa, Killer doll(punk)-- La Miroiterie (art squat)
Sept. 25 Contemporary Swedish Music Fest--Pt. Ephemere
Sept. 26 Boyce Avenue--Nouveau Casino
Sept. 27 PERE UBU: Another revived classic punk act. Check out the video below--La Maroquinerie
Sept. 30 Edan--Nouveau Casino
Sept. 30 DJ SF Sorrow Every Wednesday at La Mecanique Onudlatoire: All 45rpm records:
Rock-a-billy, white rock, garage, surf, beat, frat rock, girl groups sound, R&B, soul, bubble gum & punk rock.
Oct. 4 Sparklehorse: ONe of my favorites. A more countrified version of Grandaddy. Dreamy, psych-tinged, twangy, sensitive. Pass me the hanky.--La Maroquinerie
Oct. 13 Rachel Austin + Apes Did Ensemble + So Was The Sun--Pop-In
Oct. 16 Camera Obscura--La Maroquinerie
Nov. 5 Arctic Monkeys--Zenith (sold out, but check Craig's List and Les Inrocks forum for scalpers)

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strawberryfields said...

Wow. I am moving from Sweden to Paris in a month and this blog was like heaven for me, its now on top of my fav list. Great work! Thank you very much, I'd never thought I'd find so much good stuff about the indie scene in english. Makes it so much easier for me.

Formerly "Parisnormale: Paris Rocks"