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Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Music to check out: What I'm listenin' to

What I'm listening to at the moment...
In the process of reviewing the following for Popmatters (full-length reviews will be coming out there soon):
Scott H. Biram's recent Something's Wrong/Lost Forever Bloodshot Records release is his best so far. If you don't know him, he's one of a kind. He's an example of that dying breed of one-man-band. You'll be amazed this this sound is coming from one dude alone. And what's that sound? It's part growling of the hounds of hell, part blues, part gospel, part cow punk, part singer-songwriter. It's slow, it's fast, it's touching, it's wild. Stellar Song-writing. Here's a sample of the faster side: the track Judgment Day (yes, click link). Buy it here (you won't be sorry).
p.s. If you can see this guy live, don't miss it.

Next, I'm reviewing a fabulous compilation of old garage and rockabilly gems from Norton Records' I Still Hate CDs: Singles Collection 45 RPMs Vol. 2. Norton Records is an international phenomenon, re-issuing lost jewels of R&B, Garage, Rockabilly, pre-punk, and Lounge. Here's a sample of the collection I'm reviewing. "Viva Viva Rocknroll" by the Church Keys. Click to hear. Watch for my full review coming out in the next month with links to Itunes, etc. for purchase.

I've also got reviews of new releases by the Dandy Warhols and The Donnas coming out soon. Stay tuned.
Jay Harsin (D.I.E./Le Grand Duc du Kansas)

Moment of Music Zen...White STripes first album, still the best.

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