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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Social Distortion in Paris: Review

Social Distortion Pictures, Images and Photos
.I first got into Social Distortion in the late ‘90s while living in Chicago, not through a purist punk rock crowd, but through an alt/insurgent country show I put on there. Following this, I quickly came to like the more rockin’ stuff off of 1983’s Mommy’s Little Monster as much as the band’s love of classic country showcased in songs like “Ball and Chain” and covers such as “Big Iron” on 1999’s Under the Influences and Cheating at Solitaire, both released as solo albums by frontman Mike Ness. I’ve never thought Ness was a wordsmith, but I’ve always appreciated his talent for writing melodic songs with a social edginess to them (in the tradition of Johnny Cash but with a shot—no more—of punk), enriched by his steel wool vocals. The line of songs from “Sick Boys” to “Born to Lose” and “I Wasn’t Born to Follow” form a consistent identification with those folks who are down on their luck, born on the wrong side of the tracks, or wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Indeed, Ness has been a kind of punk “Man in Black” ever since Social Distortion set out their rootsy stall in the Los Angeles hardcore wilderness in 1983 and subsequently became the inspiration for thousands of burgeoning punk bands. I have great respect for this band and its frontman, and so I awaited this concert with much anticipation.
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