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Sunday, July 26, 2009

King Khan and the Shrines Review: Worth your time and roubles

King Khan is a nut. Boisterously funny, at times ironically in-your-face punk and soft-pornographic, he and his talented crew put on one of the wildest live shows I've ever seen.

I'd heard he was good, but I had just seen the Fleshtones the previous week, and was thoroughly impressed by the fun-loving, choreographed, but patently rocking performance they brought. But they look so well-behaved by comparison to the antics of Khan and co. This is Paris, mind you, a town with a respect for artists and bohemians, usually so long as they're wearing a suit, no matter how shabby. A small yet serious rock community exists (in addition to the throngs of global alt.pop and electro hipsters), but Khan's look and performance panache are all the more striking in this larger city's setting. Read on...

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