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Monday, July 13, 2009

Bal des Pompiers with Le Grand Duc tonight! Plus,

Bal des pompiers with the Grand Duc du Kansas tonight at La Feline. If you don't know this eve of Bastille Day in France, it's an all-night party.
Discussed below...

Plus, The Church has a new album out.
Space Rockers, Unite! YOu have nothing to lose but your minds!
won’t ever appreciate the almost 30-year-old Aussie band the Church, much less their recent exemplar of dream rock patience, Untitled #23. Right from their 1981 debut, Of Skins and Heart, singer-lyricist Steve Kilbey established his trademark deep melancholic vocals and rather oblique (often dubbed “surrealist”) lyrics. While Kilbey never really changed that much, the Church moved increasingly spacier and less pop-rock on a number of efforts from then until now, with the exception of their major commercial breakthrough, 1988’s Starfish, and some bizarre flirtations with dance music on 2002’s Parallel Universes. 22 albums later, the Church give us one of their very best—meticulously wrought, mildly hallucinatory musicscapes marked by an unrepentant infatuation with fantasy and dreams, serendipity and fear, melancholy and hope. 

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