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Thursday, June 04, 2009

June calendar (in Progress)


Yo La Tengo, June 4, Alhambra. 90s American indie rock was arguably defined by three majorly influential bands: Sonic Youth, Pavement, and Yo La Tengo. If you don't know them, check out this show.

DIE, Djay Indie Eclectique, Le Grand Duc du Kansas at Planete Mars. Parisnormale's founder and usually solo contributor/Popmatter's critic will be kicking out the jams at one of the greatest little rock dives in the Bastille area. Fresh back from Chicago with new vinyl jewels, expect everything from Curtis Mayfield and Aretha 45's, Johnny Cash, to the Deadly Snakes, The Only Ones, Social Distortion, Le Tigre, Buck 65, Brigitte Bardot, Andrew Bird, and the Legendary Shackshakers. Bop, Groove, Bang your hand. DIE!
Garage, Rockabilly/Country, Punk, Indie, Soul
Saturday June 7, 9pm-1h45am
24 rue Keller, 75011 Paris
Metro Bastille/Voltaire/Ledru Rollin

Social D was part of the foundational Orange County, LA punk scene back in 1978. Their original sound was described as ‘the punk Rolling Stones', and their style after 1983 became increasingly inflected by American roots, rockabilly and country, as did that of other LA punk acts X and The Gun Club. Thirty years later, after frontman Mike Ness's descent into heroin addiction and recovery, and founding guitarist Dennis Dannel's unexpected fatal brain aneurysm in 2000, Mike Ness bears the torch of one of the most influential, lyrically rugged but sonically melodic punk bands of all time.
En francais: Le groupe d'Orange County est né depuis presque trente ans sous l'impulsion du fantasque Mike Ness, âme du groupe à lui tout seul et unique membre originel. Incroyablement respecté à l'intérieur même de la scène rock, Social Distortion n'en reste pas moins sous-estimé par le grand public.
Mon 8 June , 28.60€, 7.30pm. Bataclan, 50 bd Voltaire, 11th. M°Oberkampf.

The Only Ones
If I weren't going to Social Distortion this same night, I'd check out this band. They had a huge New Wave/Punk hit in 1978 with "Another Girl, Another Planet." It has rightly been called the greatest rock single ever recorded.
Mon June 8
Le Trabendo
Parc de la Villette
75019 Paris

80s early 90s self-described as y - -.
They had a serious buzz to them in the late 80s early 90s, disappeared and are back. No doubt worthy of a few of your hard-earned roubles.
Tues June 9
Le Trabendo

The Rifles
High Quality Brit Pop, influenced by the Jam, Oasis, and the Strokes.
Their second full-length "The Great Escape" came out in January. They're praised for clever but not groundbreaking songwriting (as if there's really that much arguably groundbreaking out there anyway and as if groundbreaking always means "good"). Do you want to contemplate sounds or swivel and sing along?
Tues June 9
Nouveau Casino

Inrocks Indie Club at La Maroquinerie
The Maccabees, Red Light Company

"The Maccabees are an indie rock band from Brighton, England. Debuting in 2004 with the You Make Noise, I Make Sandwiches EP (released on Haircut Records) they scored a minor indie hit in 2006 with the influenced single Latchmere (released on Fierce Panda Records) before inking a deal with the Polydor imprint (and former home of The Cure) Fiction Records." (from
Wed June 10, 8pm

The New Christs
Wednesday 10 June 2009
at 8:30pm
La Mécanique Ondulatoire
8, passage Thière
75011 Paris
A modestly named outfit for all you mod-garage-punk nerds: "The New Christs were originally formed by Radio Birdman and New Race vocalist Rob Younger after he was offered the support spot on Iggy Pop’s Australian tour of 1984. The other members had played in groups such as Celibate Rifles, Lime Spiders and Hoodoo Gurus. The tour proved a success and the band stayed together, recording the two singles Like A Curse and Born Out Of Time for Sydney independent label Citadel Records." (from

Born Bad Festival at Le Trabendo
The Mummies, The Nuns, The Swingin' Neckbreakers, Thee Attacks, The Stags, Périphérique Es
t, Cécilia Und Die Sauerkrauts
Garage, Punk, Rocker heaven
Thur June 11
Le Trabendo

The Gaslight Anthem
A slightly punky rock group from Atlanta that is charming ears across the globe. I don't think I can beat this blurb: "one critic wrote, “The Gaslight Anthem are like something out of speculative fiction: this is what pop music would be if Springsteen hadn’t listened to his producer, let the Ramones record ‘Hungry Heart,’ and launched the C.B.G.B.’ers into megastardom.” (from
Thursday 11 June 2009
La Maroquinerie
23 rue Boyer
75020 Paris

DIE/Djay Indie Eclectique, the Grand Duc du Kansas will be doing a soul-garage blues night at the fabulous little bar for rock and soul, Le Baron Samedi, 12 rue des Goncourts
Ruth Brown, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Wanda Jackson, Aretha, Mod galore, Sonics, Black Keys, Hendrixx, Dirt Bombs, King Khan,etc. Shake that thing, 9pm-2am.
12, rue des Goncourt/75011 Paris, M: Goncourt

The Mummies
Part of the Born Bad Garage Fest. Highly Recommended if you have a garage fetish: "The Mummies are a band from San Bruno, California, with influences of , 1950s and 1960s bands such as The Sonics and more contemporary garage punk bands like Thee Mighty Caesars. Their first show was at the Chi Chi club in San Francisco in December of 1988. The Mummies are especially known for their matching mummy costumes they wore on stage and their impertinent attitude that they brought with them. They have also been known for releasing their music only on vinyl for many years, but have finally given in to the CD format in the 2000’s." From
Saturday June 13
Le Trabendo

Rufus Wainwright
Tues, June 16
Cite de la Musique

Nashville Pussy
Trash provocateurs. Lots of stage antics, soft-porn hard rock. Entertaining.
Thur June 18
Nouveau Casino

Djay Indie Eclectique (DIE)/Le Grand Duc du Kansas at Feline
It's La Feline's Birthday, and DIE has the honor of spinning it. If you want your world rocked, don't miss this one, ladies and germs. 10h30-2. Washington Deadcats Rockabilly play first.
La Feline 5 Rue Victor Letalle, M. Menilmontant
Sat, June 20

Fete de la Musique
Tons of Stuff, but I'd recommend the following:
Finally Punk at Mecanique Ondulatoire: "
“This is the band Bikini Kill was trying to inspire with all that riot grrl stuff. Four girls from Austin, TX playing their own style of punk that sound like equal parts Mika Miko, Lungleg and Meltdown. Hilarious, true and liberating. This is just as fresh-sounding as those Kleenex 7”s you are hunting for, and it’s happening today!” -Tobi Vail
Fans of the Raincoats, Kleenex/LiliPUT, and the Slits you wont be disappointed."

Limp Wrist(homocore)
Red Alert, Lost Boys, Assoiffés, The Extinguishers, teenage wasteland and TOUBAB ALLSTARS
La Peña Festayre 32, avenue Corentin Cariou75019 Paris
Sun June 21

Attack! Attack!
Welsh alt.rockers
Mon June 22, Nouveau Casino

Djay INdie Eclectique's ALL 90S-2000S INDIE ROCK!
Okay, if you're not into the roots of rocknroll, garage, soul, mod, classic punk sets I do elsewhere, I find that sad, but then I still have some love for you. This night is yours. Sonic Youth, Pavement, Yo la Tengo, Archers of Loaf, Jawbox, Slint, Poster Children, Pixies, Boys vs. Girls, Flaming Lips, My Bloody Valentine, Metric, etc. Short early set that will be soul. After 11pm, all indie rock. Miss it and forever regret it!
Thur, June 25
Planete Mars, 24 Rue Keller, M: Bastille, Voltaire, Ledru-Rollin. 9pm-2am

The Fleshtones
One of the seminal CBGB's era NYC bands, the Fleshtones' first concert was in 1979. Their sound was never the loud pop punk of the Ramones or anything like seminal British punk, but rather a mix of surf, 60s garage, and rocknroll. They're a lot of fun if you like that kind of straight up stuff, especially organs and fuzz guitar. A cult following for forty years should deserve some cred, no?
Fri, June 26, 19.80 euros, 19h30


steckarrr said...

Went to the Yo La show on Thursday. Band sounded amazing, but not sure how much I like this Freewheelin' thing. Besides having to serve as translator to my companion all night, the whole thing came off more as a press conference than an intimate Q&A or however they are trying to market the tour. And fans really do ask the dumbest questions.

p.s. PowerSolo this Friday at La Maroquinerie. I saw them as the backup band for Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer + Matt Verta-Ray)

Jayson Harsin said...

Interesting response. I need to read up on what they're trying to do on this tour. I didn't realize it was as you say.
I like Power Solo. Seen them before. But I"m dj-ing the same night at Le Baron Samedi. You should drop by after the show and tell me how it went.

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