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Friday, June 26, 2009

July Calendar: Nouveau Casino and Maroquinerie hot garage lineups

A very strong July in Paris, especially for those with bluesy garage leanings. Some impressive hiphop at Noveau Casino's Colors Festival. (this is just the beginning. I'll be adding more little shows from places like la Feline)

1 July RZA (Ghostface Killah, from Wu Tang Clan)
So this is mostly an underground, indie, alt, punk whatever rock blog. But many of you readers, like I, have diverse tastes. If so, you know this artist, and you know you don't want to miss this opening of Nouveau Casino's Colors Festival. Also playing, anti-folksters The Bewitched hands, and dance-inducing Y.A.S., who have a fantastic reprise of "Stayin' Alive." Tickets here.

Fri, 3 July Djay Indie Eclectique/Grand Duc du Kansas at UFO bar
Displaced Chicago Djay Indie Eclectique/ Le Grand Duc du Kansas has unleashed some of the best dance garage, classic punk, rockandroll, and indie rock that can be found in the City of Lights. He digs deep into a unique repertoire built up from six years doing classic American roots music and New Rock shows. Some classics from the Sonics to The Clash, but a lot you will not hear in other mixes here.
UFO Bar, 49 rue JP Timbaud, 75011 Paris, Free
4 July Gonn/The Pupils
Who says Iowas do
esn't rock? Gonn is a classic (and I mean CLASSIC) garage rock band from Keokuk, Iowa. You may not have heard them, but if you've heard any of those Nuggetsy 60s garage/pscyhadelic collections, you've heard their cult favorite "Blackout of Gretely." They've done a couple of reunion tours in the last two decades and here's another. Gonn is joined by
The Pupils (Dischord Records, U.S.), featuring members of post-hardcore band Lungfish.

Sat, 4 July Fucked Up
That is not a call to party or an observation about the world, the French presidency, or the dude sitting at the bar; it's a nihilist punk band from Toronto. Could push these frogs to transform themselves into raucous rosbifs--for a night. Paris asked for a mosh pit (be careful what you wish for). Too bad this show duels with The Gonn/Pupils at La M aroq. Can't we all just get along?
Nouveau Casino

7 July The Gories and the Oblivians
The Gories were a mid-80s to early 90s Detroit blues garage punk band that split up in 1992. You may know many of the bands their members then went on to form: The Dirtbombs, the Demolition Dollrods, Darkest Hours. They are greatly appreciated in the underground garage culture.
Well-suited to the bill, The Oblivians were a well-known 90s American blues garage-punk band from Memphis. The Oblivians' Eric Friedl recorded an album with Jay Reatard in 2
La Maroquinerie

8 July, Why?
Bay area and indie rock artists. Not terribly well known but have a strong underground following. Buzzing well.

9 July, New Bomb Turks
Veteran garage punks from Columbus, Ohio. These guys put on a good show.
Nouveau Casino

10 July The Warlocks
LA neo-pscyhadelic band with a good buzz.
La Maroquinerie.

12 July, The Varukers: Classic British Punk: They are celebrating their 30th bday with a tour. Founded in 1979.
Also: RATOS DI PORAO (Mythique punk hardcore du Brazil)
FLEAS & LICE (Punk Hardcore Hollandais)
DEAD SUBVERTS (Punk Hardcore Anglais)
2SICKMONCKEYS (Punk Hardcore Anglais)
FREDAG DEN 13:e (D-beat de Suède)
La pena Festayre, Corentin Cariou

13 July Here We go Magic (Brooklyn) and Reza
Herewegomagic is one of those Brooklyn Animal Collective indie-experimental folk-rock-whatever groups. Interesting. Here's their Myspace.
La Maroquinerie

Mon 13 July Asaf Avidan and the Mojos
Asaf Avidan grew up between Jamaica and Israel. Weird folk-rock hybrid with vocals a la Janis Joplin (or is that Aerosmith?). Could be interesting. Click for video.
Nouveau Casino

Thur 16 July Animal Collective
Publish Post

I've written about these experimentalists several times on this site. I find them pleasantly ponderable.
La Cigale

Sat, 18 July Los Chicros w/ Sleepy Sun
Los Chicros is a band built on catchy pop-rock minor synth-sewn hooks. Their last album was produced by Yann Arnaud, the dude from Air and Phoenix. It shows. For fans of the aforementioned. Also playing the interesting California psych-rock team Sleepy Sun.

Fri, 31 July : Classic Punk Rock: The Adolescents
La Pena Festayre, Corentin Cariou

Fri 31 July: Naughty By Nature
Whoa, big guns of classic hip hop on par (almost) with Public Enemy or Wu Tang. They burst into the hiphop and pop world with their eponymous 1991 album and a crossover hit in O.P.P., which memorably sampled The Jackson 5's ABC and incorporated a groovin' live keyboard. They consistently produced catchy beats with old-school ghetto realism that told tales of social deprivation, ghetto anger, angst, and empathy. I'm not a huge hiphop fan, but I like these guys.


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