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Friday, June 26, 2009

10 Years Ago: White Stripes, Joe Strummer

1999: The White Stripes' debut, by Jayson Harsin, from
Jack White saw the light, and it was blues. Lucky for us.Add Image

Before launching the White Stripes in the summer of ‘97, Jack White played drums for Detroit cowpunk outfit Goober & the Peas. Contrary to what one might assume, the transition to the White Stripes was not such a violent shift. The low-fi blues-garage-rock-and-roll bomb that the White Stripes served up shared a proudly stripped-down honesty with its cowpunk predecessor. You probably couldn’t get more fundamental, honest rock music if you gave a rattle to a naked, wailing baby. Read on...

1999: Joe Strummer's Rock Art and the X-Ray Style 
e Strummer, one of the most famous front men in the last 30 years of rock history, had disappeared from spotlights for ten years after his first solo album, Earthquake Weather, into a black hole of regret, self-doubt, and disgust with what he saw as the emptiness of rock ‘n’ roll fame. He called this period the “wilderness years”. He was not unproductive, writing for Mick Jones’s Big Audio Dynamite, producing the Pogues, composing and contributing to film soundtracks, and DJing ("London Calling” was the show), but he nevertheless lacked sustained purpose. Then in the mid-’90s, Strummer assembled a backing band of poly-instrumentalists dubbed the Mescaleros. Read on...

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