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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Chris Pavoni's Top 10 of 2008

Top Ten Indie Records of 2008
by Chris Pavoni
  1. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Undeniably the best record of ’08. End to end a solid and diverse contribution to the indie-folk scene. The range and upper register of Justin Vernon’s voice is truly remarkable.

  1. TV on the Radio – Dear Science

Plays like a soundtrack. Universal and ambivalent. These cats from Brooklyn have really hit the mark with Dear Science.

  1. White Williams – Smoke

Sweet and savory. Repeated listens release of multitude of depth and layers. Smoke is an eerily playful debut for this up and comer.

  1. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes

Stunning and beautiful. These Seattleites are at the forefront of a reemerging scene. This self-titled record is both nostalgic and evocative. I feel like cell phones and hydrogen fuelled cars are merely futuristic concepts in some George Orwell novel when this record plays.

  1. Wolf Parade – At Mt. Zoomer

A brilliant answer to 2005’s “Apologies To The Queen Mary”. This album was structured so that there would be no definitive singles but rather one collaborative whole that gains strength and diversity as it progresses. This record is an alluring myriad of unparalleled sound.

  1. Okkervil RiverThe Stand In’s

Diversity is really the paramount to this Austin band’s success. Rich folk roots coupled with Motown brass and post-punk bass lines not to mention a subtle infusion of pop make for a unique and formidable retort to 2007’s “The Stage Names.”

  1. The Dodo’s – Visiter

Most certainly one of ’08’s quiet surprises. A strong sophomore release for these young San Franciscans. Visiter is both lyrically and musically refreshing.

  1. The Black Keys – Attack & Release

Akron, Ohio’s finest heartland blues-rock duo coupled with Danger Mouse produce some pretty weighty results with Attack & Release. The Keys have really expanded their sound on this record.

  1. Ratatat – LP3

Electro-rock has a new plateau to conquer. Expect to hear the sonically rich samples of these beats on various records for years to come. LP3 is a headbanger.

  1. Blitzen Trapper – Furr

An eclectic and electric mix of glam-rock versus alt-country with a touch of classic ‘60’s songwriting Furr is a well-polished and inviting Sub-Pop debut.

--Chris Pavoni currently lives in Paris and has worked in the Canadian Indie Music Scene.

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