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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recommended: The (International) Noise Conspiracy

The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Politically conscious garage punk standouts, Sweden’s T(I)NC tour album four, The Cross of My Calling, released last month and produced by legendary Def Jam founder Rick Rubin. Their sound is more influenced by psychedelic keyboards of late 60s garage, soul vocals, and funk rhythms than, say, a garage revival band like the Hives. Inspired by folk singer Phil Ochs’ quote that a rock band should be a combination of Elvis and Che Guevera, they write often heady (and some more cliché) screeds against U.S. foreign policy, global capitalism, and empty consumer life. One of their videos begins with the script “If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want Your Revolution.” As was the case with social-politically conscious bands like The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, The Gang of Four, and Rage Against the Machine, fans need not always pay attention to their lyrics to dig their overall sound. Some fans might respond, “I don’t want your revolution, but I’ll dance to it.” Indeed, their songs are thoroughly pogo-able. But whether or not all the fans buy the entire package, T(I)NC deserve credit for making that package marketable with a catchy, energetic sound.
16 Dec. 20h La Maroquinerie, 18euros

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