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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just IN: BLOC PARTY special show Oct. 14 Nouveau Casino

Bloc Party at Le Nouveau Casino OCT. 14. This is the "indie" band that tore up the UK charts in 2005 after having pushed a demo on a BBC dj and the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand, and they hit Paris this month upon the release of their third studio album, Intimacy. They originally made their mark with choppy syncopated guitar riffs bearing comparisons to Gang of Four (as have a host of other recent bands--witness Forward Russia!). However, their second album mixed in more electronic layering over often Robert Smith-ish, mopey legato crooning. They claim the third album is a return to something rawer (by which one can hope they'll be exploring some bluegrass and jug music). Yet, the track they offer on Myspace ("Talons") sounds like its trying hard to seduce the electro crowd while maintaining the loyalty of their guitar rock phalanges. Take it for a ride yerself. This is a special barely announced concert. Tickets go on sale Oct. 13 on for the concert the next day. Happy trails, hipsters!--J. Harsin

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