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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rock & Soul, plus New Wave Djay Soirees!

That's right brothers and sisters, Djay Indie Eclectique/Grand Duc du Kansas is not just serving up some great Rock and Soul tomorrow (9/24) at PLANETE MARS (an opportunity for you to discover a cool new bar if you don't already know it), and Eclectic Indie Rock and its foundations Friday night at l'Orange Mecanique. He also announces the first of severalPhotobucket
upcoming NEW WAVE SOIREES: Old Electro Pop vs. New Electro Pop. The first one will be at L'Orange Mecanique Sat. Oct. 4. Another one will follow at the new bar The UFO, also on JP Timbaud, as soon as it opens. Stay Tuned and see you soon!Photobucket

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rock, Soul, New Wave Dj parties on the horizon

Djay Grand Duc Du Kansas (Rock, soul, and Its twangy roots, from Hank Williams Sr. to the Raveonettes) has his debut at Planete Mars, Thursday 25 September.

Djay Indie Eclectique does Friday night 26 September at Orange Mecanique.

Look for a big Old New Wave meets New New Wave night next month at L'Orange Mecanique and then at their new bar equipped with some dancing room, the UFO!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Indie Paris September Calendar

Let no one tell you this town's music offerings suck. It's difficult to even corral all the great stuff this month into one indie calendar. We're starting a week late, so first things first. The calendar will fill out in the following days. Wanted to get this up in the mean time. Enjoy.--jh (video thanks to Don D)

09 September JOHN & JEHN (Faculty Music/Uk)
The London music press is nuts about these two French turncoats who now make love 'neath the ponts of Londres, not Paris. Here's what the great "drowned in sound" site says about them: "What with the brattish Gainsbourg antics of The Teenagers and the resurgence of electro house as proffered by Ed Banger and accomplices, there’s a distinctly Gallic bent to the chic indie milieu at the moment. John & Jehn are the latest reasons to give thanks to our belligerent French neighbourinos, a très-cool boy/girl duo living in London who sound like late shoegaze punks Electrelane with a pinch of Godard’s postmodern sex appeal and a cheeky dash of cabaret thrown in for good measure."
also playing: BADEN BADEN (Fr), DEVON SPROULE (Tin Angel Records/Us), ADRIAN CROWLEY (Tin Angel Records/Irl) Fleche D'Or, FREE, 20H

12 Sept. 08
La Maroquinerie 15euros

Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band
13 Sept. 20h00
Nouveau Casino, 20euros in advance from FNAC or Digitick
Conor Oberst, the 27-year-old, multi-instrumentalist, indie-folk wunderkind from Omaha, Nebraska has hitherto been associated mainly with his backing band, Bright Eyes. Oberst’s impressive songwriting and vocal style have become semi-legendary (I have a friend who says he can’t stand Oberst because the latter allegedly sounds like he’s always on the verge of crying, which is precisely one of the reasons he appeals to me). Trying his best to walk in the gargantuan shoes of greatness critics have thrust upon him, comparisons ranging from Neil Young to Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris. He has just released the first album with the Mystic Valley Band, self-titled Conor Oberst (Merge). If you’re nice, he might even cry for you.

Seabear /Borko
15 Sept. 08 à 19h30
La Maroquinerie

Lords of Altamount
16 Sept. 08
La Maroquinerie 15euros

17 Sept. 08
La Maroquinerie, 19h30, 15euros

THE LEMONHEADS+THE FUTUREHEADS+CQFD (Tahiti boy and the Palmtree Family)
18 Sept. 08
La Maroquinerie, 20h, 20euros

19 Sept 08
La Maroquinerie, 19h30, 15euros

Northern California’s Secret Chiefs are led by polyinstrumentalist Trey Spruance, formerly of the experimental rock group Mr. Bungle. SC3’s Myspace page says, “Surf, Grindcore, Psychadelic,” demonstrating the poverty of branding today. At times, SC3 sounds like traditional Indian music mixed with late 60s TV soundtracks like Mission Impossible and the Avengers, and with tracks from what must be the Goran Bregovic of India. Originally a trumpeter and guitarist, Spruance has been recently experimenting with electronic organs and more Asian instruments such as the saz, santur, electric sitar, tar, pipa. Just when you think you’re going to detach and get cerebral on this stuff, you find yourself whirling with the best of the dervishes. A different kind of listening; a different kind of dancing. Wow. FEAR FALLS BURNING + DRUMS ARE FOR PARADE also playing.
20 Sept 08
La Maroquinerie, 22h, 15euros

If hundreds of bands have been inspired by a sex pistols show, almost as many can say that of DEVO. The new wave electro-punks can count Japan’s exciting Polysics among their proud spawn. Well, actually, they moved by a DEVO video. Formed in 1997, Polysic received early critical praise abroad but weak sales. But recently they’ve been riding the electro-pop revival speared by MGMT, Midnight Juggernauts, et al. If you like the playfulness of their well-choreographed and -uniformed, synth-pioneering ancestors, this should prove to be a highly entertaining show. Polysics will be touring their 12th foreign release this month, We Ate the Machine (a cheeky acknowledgement to Kraftwerk). Do the robot.
22 Sept. 08 à 20h00
La Maroquinerie, 17euros

Lykke Li (Sweden)
Lykke’s first album Youth Novels, released in Europe three months ago to wide critical acclaim, was produced by fellow Swede Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John. Her style is usually characterized as soulful electro-pop. Well worth a look.
23 Sept.
Nouveau Casino

The Spinto Band
24 Sept. 08
La Maroquinerie 20h00, 16euros
This Deleware,U.S.A. bunch have a bit of the contagious jangly guitars, twee levity and clapping hands of bands like Los Campesinos, I’m From Barcelona, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. After recording with Dave Trumfio on renovated boat in L.A., the band was set to release its second album on EMI offshoot Radiate Records last November when the label pulled their plug. Their Paris appearance is part of the release tour for that album that now has a home on indie label Fierce Panda. It’s music to dance to on a trampoline. So get ready to leave your shoes at the Maroquinerie door.

Jason Mraz
24 Sept.
la Cigale

Billy Bragg
Billy Bragg may be the UK’s punkier contemporary equivalent of the great American folk singer Woody Guthrie. A career that began in the anti-folk movement of the 80’s stretches over 30 years, demonstrating Bragg’s unflinching, musically catchy commitment to contemporary social and political problems from racism and poverty, to workers’ rights and homophobia, with a respectable love song sprinkled here and there. Some of his most creative and critically acclaimed work is cooperative, such as the fantastic two-volume set of lost Woody Guthrie songs, Mermaid Avenue (1998-2000), into which he breathed new musical life with WILCO. After a six-year hiatus 2008’s melodically contagious Mr. Love and Justice recalls the highly orchestral Mermaid albums, heavy with organs, harmonicas, and a horn here and there. Expect high energy and playful between-songs banter. Not your everyday folksinger. Go to this show, then drop by Planete Mars for Parisnormale's dj soiree.
Thursday 25 September, 20h, 22euros La Maroquinerie.

Parisnormale's Djay Grand Duc du Kansas
25 Sept. 21h-1h30
Planete Mars, 21 R. Keller, 75011, M. Bastille

Parisnormale's Djay Indie Eclectique
26 Sept. 20h30-1h00
L'Orange Mecanique, 72 Rue JP Timbaud, Free

Original UK ’76 punkers, Wire has been a major influence on post-punk music. From 1977’s seminally minimalist, if structurally idiosyncratic, Pink Flag, Wire developed an increasingly electronically lush sound, to the point that their drummer Gotobed dropped out of the band after 1990’s Manscape, claiming that the use of drum machines made him obsolete. He returned in 1999, and they have occasionally toured, occasionally recorded ever since. They are perhaps most known for being far ahead of their time in their use of synthesizers and effects mixed in with the older guitar-based sound. Object 48 was released in July, which they are currently touring. For the scholars of rock’s development over the last two decades, these guys are no nobodies. Welcome to the canon, ladies and gents.
Saturday 27 September, 20h, 19euros, La Maroquinerie

TV on Radio
30 Sept.
Nouveau Casino (Sold Out)

28 October Mogwai
Formerly "Parisnormale: Paris Rocks"