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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Djay Indie Eclectique Dates in September

Hey all you bad motorscooters! Welcome to Autumn in Indie Paris. Baudelaire and Chet Baker smile upon thee.
The September Calendar is underway, full of shows for the hipshakers and elliptical brain-trainers alike. But for now, mark those calendars as Parisnormale,, and Ivyparis' Djay Indie Eclectique smuggles his contreband into yet another hip bar/club. Last month many of you missed him at LaFeline (as Grand Duc du Kansas, his more rocknroll and Americana side) and now he's doing the hot new bar/club Les Disquaires, in the Ledru-Rollin/Bastille area. The Club Collective site claims it has become "the most talked about bar in Paris" (among the un-techno-fied thinkings fellers, of course). The Disquaires have plenty of room for dancing or just hanging out talking, enjoying the music, and buzzin your night away. It gets packed on weekends and is often more electro-tinged those nights. If you want more indie rock, pop, new wave roots,etc; more importantly, if you want Djay Indie Eclectique, you will come early in the week to see him--more precisely, this Tuesday September 2!

Djay Indie Eclectique continues to serve and protect over at L'Orange Mecanique, which will be celebrating a one-year anniversary this month. Rumor has it that their team will be opening up a similar bar, called the UFO, a little bit down the street (i.e. JP Timbaud) toward Parmentier, and this one will be more spacious, with room for shakin' your tailfeathers, brothers and sisters. Djay Indie Eclectique will alert you to his christening event there--mais bien sur--all in good time, my pretties. For now, check Djay Indie Ecletique out in his old haunt, OM, this thursday September 4. For those of you averse to my prolixity, here it is in simple mathematics (as Rocky says, to Adrienne: "It's simple mathematics: you hang out with smart people, you got smart friends; you hang out with yo-yo people, you got yo-yo friends").

D.I.E. at Les Disquaires
6, rue des Taillandiers, 11eme
Tuesday September 2

D.I.E. at OM
72 Rue JP Timbaud, 11eme
Thursday September 4

See you there, unsquare!
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