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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tom Waits: The Legend In Paris

Elvis, Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, Bob Dylan—all icons of American music; none of them with as much gritty poet-capital as Tom Waits. Two-time grammy and many-time other award-winner, Waits has mastered, then stone-washed, and bourbon-soaked a range of genres from vaudeville to jazz and folk, often sung from personas who see life from the bottom up, and often with startling x-rays of the human condition. 58-year old Waits rides into Europe on a staggering corpus of 20 albums, 7 compilations, and at least 18 international tribute-albums. One thinks of the Charles Bukowski of music, but he's far better. One thinks of Nick Cave, but with permanent laryngitis and a penchant for surrealism and jazz. One thinks of Waits, not the admittedly talented Steve Earle, when Earle sings "Last of the Hardcore Troubadors." Can one even put a price on this ticket? (Oh yeah, does anyone want to get in to heaven and just GIVE me one?)
Thur and Fri 24 and 25 July, Le Grand Rex
tickets (or try Craig's List Paris)
p.s. Come to Soiree Djay Indie Eclectique thursday at l'Orange Mecanique as a pre- or post-Tom Waits party!
Evidence of his range and brilliance:

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