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Friday, June 06, 2008

June in progress

Parisnormale Top Picks for June

Saturday, June 14, 8:30pm, Mains d’Œuvres, 8 euros in advance, 10 euros at the door
Plants and Animals, coming to you from Montreal, is part-time expansive, epic-sounding, classic rock nostalgie, and part-time dreamy, cool, folk. They alternate between pieces that are with jangly guitar and insistent piano backed up by a wall-of-sound, carried through with an orchestra and chorale that have earned them comparisons to Arcade Fire. Their alter ego: smoother, slower, more laid-back, jazzy folk. Even they have difficulty categorizing themselves, coining the term “post-classic rock.” (Hilary Camblos)

Tokyo Police Club Maroquinerie 6/8
Nick Cave Olympia 6/9
Bat for Lashes and Radiohead 6/9, 6/10 Bercy

This promises to be an interesting night: artists that use toys as instruments.
Divan Du Monde, 19h, 6/12

Joan as Policewoman Nouveau Casino 6/16

I was a Cub Scout, Jaguar Love, John & Jehn, Jukebox Club (Donnas-ish plus Waitresses or Kim Wilde: hilarious English lyrics from these locals "you're going to cry and cry and cry cause I'm going to kick your ass, cause I'm going to kick your ass)6/19 La Maroquinerie

Kathleen Edwards Alhambra 6/22

Garage Rock Fixes?
Big Red Rocket, La Feline 6/12, 8pm
The Chickties, La Feline 6/18
The Wad Billys, La Feline 6/19
Les Whodunit, La Feline 6/20
La Feline Birthday Party (2 years old), 6/21
Tav Falco, La Feline, 6/22
Tony Truand, La Feline 6/25

Coming Soon

4 July, Parc des Princes

Another no-namer this month. I hear he's a good dancer, better than average folk singer, and excellent karokist of Prince. Could be worth your coup, as they are wont to say in these parts.
July, Olympia

Well, this beautifully noisy act was as name-droppable as Pavement and Sonic Youth in indie rock circles of the 90s. Do they hold up? Have they reached their Zenith or should they rename the club Nadir? Only one way to find out.
9 July, Zenith

Rock en Seine: August 28-29 (Boulogne): I'm not a big fan of the rock festivals these days, but some of you may be interested in some of the artists playing. See their link.

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