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Friday, June 20, 2008

DJ Playlist for set Thursday June 19

For those who didn't make it Thursday to the L'Orange Mecanique or who are curious what I was doing, here's the the music that was behind all that sweat, nudity, pogoing, huggin and a kissin... (I'm there this friday again)--jh

1. Suzanne, Françoise Hardy
2. Eastwinds, The Sadies
3. Hey Hey, My My, Neil Young
4. Bermuda Highway, My Morning Jacket
5. One With the Freaks, The Notwist
6. Don't Take My Sunshine Away, Sparklehorse
7. Wicked and Weird, Buck 65
8. Pressure Drop, Jimmy Cliff
9. Apocalypse Meow, You say Party! We say Die!
10. Consolation Prizes, Phoenix
11. Saving My Ticket, Superchunk
12. For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver
13. Teenage Dirtbag, Weezer
14. Superstar, Sonic Youth
15. 96 Tears, The Stranglers
16. Sunshine, Atmosphere
17. Le Poinconneur Des Lilas, Serge , Gainsbourg
18. Americans Abroad, Against Me!
19. I Love Paris,Les Negresses Vertes
20. Highways of Gold, Jaguar Love
21. Electric Feel, MGMT
22. Ca Plane Pour Moi, Plastic Bertrand
23. Dream All Day, The Posies
24. Bikini Girls with Machine Guns, The Cramps
25. Pin, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
26. Tombstone, Midnight Juggernauts
27. I Wanna Be Adored, Stone Roses
28. Creeper, Islands
29. Earthquake Heart, The Dirtbombs
30. Fleur de Saison, Emilie Simon
31. Strangers, Van She
32. Who Loves the Sun, VU
33. Hey Sailor, Detroit Cobras
34. Bottle Rocket, The Go! Team
35. Search and Destroy, Iggy and the Stooges
36. Molly's Lips, Nirvana
37. Big Balls, AC/DC
38. A.M., Grandaddy
39. Solid Gold Easy Action, The Fratellis
40. Beat City, The Raveonettes
41. When You Heard You, The French Kicks
42. Virus, Deltron 3030
43. Just Like Honey, The Jesus and Mary Chain
44. Bankrobber, The Clash
45. Express Yourself, NWA
46. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Gil Scott Herron
47. Nitro, Dick Dale
48. Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash
49. These Boots Were Made, Nancy Sinatra
50. Do You Wanna Dance, The Ramones
51. Failures, Joy Division
52. Let's Twist Again, Chuck Berry
53. Ask, The Smiths
54. In Between Days, The Cure
55. Les Sucettes, France Gall
56. Holiday In the Sun, Sex Pistols

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