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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Concert and Dj Thur June 19

Why not see Bombazine Black at 9 and then head to Djay Indie Eclectique at Orange Mecanique until 1h45am?
Here's what Bombazine Black's Steven writes about their last show:

Don't miss your last chance to see Bombazine Black! For those of you
who have already seen us at La Scene Bastille, or La fleche d'or this
new show will be something entirely different. Our drummer, Taylor
Holland, has returned to Austin and our keyboard player, Jayne Tuttle,
is back in Australia. So, we will play with a a new arrangement:
guitar, bass, cello and vibraphone. It should be a really great show.
The first band, Rivkah, will play at 8:15 followed by Bombazine Black
at 9:00. The sets are short, so don't be late! The show is at La Set
de la Butte, 7 rue Pierre Picard on Thursday, June 19. There is a
small cover charge. Tell your friends and enemies.
Here is our myspace page and website in case you want check out the music:

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