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Sunday, April 13, 2008

April in Paris:C Pas Normale!

Top Picks for April:

  • Micah P Hinson (gorgeous indie folk) at Fleche D'Or, Mon 28 April

  • Rue Royale (Chicago indie folk, a la Sufjan Stevens and the Handsome Family), Tues 29 Apr
  • Gore Gore Girls (sexy garage, with less noise, more melody; Beach Boys meet The Cramps and get really good sex changes) Mon 21 Apr, 7:30pm.13,50 La Maroquinerie.
  • The Long Blonds (pop punk, New Wave, uh, uh) 26 Apr, La Maroquinerie.

Lots, lots going on in underground and indie Paris music these days. More and more bars that offer quality live music (often free), while the old staples keep pumping. Some great indie acts on the horizon. This dispatch from Parisnormale will cover all these areas. We begin with new places to catch live music.

Le Cannibale was hitherto a hip resto-bar (a strange but tasty burger—actually two patties ‘neath an artisanale rectangular bun—is perhaps its signature plat for the Anglophone crowd), offering some great dining and drinking soundtracks (I enjoyed hearing The Specials there on one occasion). Now they have programming that this month included local jazz and funk.

Le Zebre de Belleville has rarely been mentioned on Parisnormale. They have often privileged chanson and rock francaise. There is still little of non-French music on their bills. But they are increasingly open to French indie experiments, and so we award them some attention. Our old friends Arlt (Sing Sing and Eloise) are playing this week as part of a new talent festival “Les Zephememeres,” its 4th edition in fact. The Zebre selects them as a kind of artist in residence for several shows. Here they are in chronological order.

28 MARS 2008, 8pm.

Tickets are 13 euros in advance or at the door.

For reservations try FNAC – TICKETNET

Further dates:

Friday April 25 : Arlt. + Red
Thur. 15 mai : Arlt. + JP Nataf
Friday 6 juin : Arlt. + Holden
Saturday 5 juillet : Arlt. + Ben'Symphonic Orchestra + Le Coq

And now Parisnormale's picks for April:

THE YOUNG KNIVES GRAVENHURST: The tweed-loving Young Knives bring you geek rock in the vein of Weezer. Their 2005 debut EP “The Young Knives…Are Dead” was met with considerable critical success. More recently, their 2007 Voices of Animals and Men, broke the top 30 on the UK Album Charts. Known for highly energetic performances. They are joined by Bristol’s Gravenhurst.
Nouveau CasinoTuesday 15 April – 19h – 19,8 euros in advance, 22 euros at the door

Gravenhurst They are joined on the bill by Bristol’s Gravenhurst, a quartet that under the talented leadership of Nick Talbot has produced critically acclaimed albums ranging from the folkish to the psychedelic, comparisons often being made to Nick Drake and My Bloody Valentine. With Young Knives.
Nouveau Casino Tuesday 15 April – 19h – 19,8 euros in advance, 22 euros at the door

Hardcore Superstar
Thanks to the internet, Sweden is no longer the quaint headquarters of marauding, long-bearded seafarers. It is Rock Grand Central (witness the Hives also in town this month). If you like the hard glammish rock and Sleaze Metal, head bangin’ and guitar screamin’ of Motley Crue and AC/DC, welcome to their grandchildren: Hardcore Superstar. After world tours with AC/DC, they hit Paris, peddling their November release “Dreamin’ in a Casket”, minus fame- and tour-fatigued guitarist Thomas Silver, replaced by Vic Zino. Expect them to blast the roof off the Maroquinerie.
Tues 15 Apr, 7:30pm. 16eur, La Maroquinerie.

Very quirky. Lightly electronic, sometimes carnival sounds. 16 April, Cafe de la Danse

Blonde Redhead
17 April, 19h30 26.40euros. Bataclan

Broadcast 2000 (rock/folk) (UK/Gronland)
From the same label that brought us Emily Haines (Metric) comes Broadcast 2000, acoustic project headed up by Joe Steer of Devon, UK. Brand-spankin’ new (just signed in February), Broadcast 2000’s beautifully rich, instrument-packed arrangements and bright energy bring to mind Beirut. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. With Merz.
Thurs 17 Apr, 8pm, La Fleche d’Or, Free--Hilary Camblos

DJAY ECLECTIQUE:Parisnormale's/'s Djay
FRI 18 Apr, 9pm-1h30am, free. L'Orange Mecanique, 72bis rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud,
11th. M°Parmentier.
For those who like a musical selection that showcases multiple genres that are at once cutting edge and steeped in tradition, DJs J&C spin an eclectic mix of 20th and 21st century cross-genre oddities and gems from from Hoagie Carmichael to Of Montreal, Wanda Jackson to the Klaxons, Johnny Cash to the Clash, MC5 to The Hives, France Gall to the New York Dolls. Indie, Garage, Surf, Lounge, low-fi, electronica, punk, power pop... Get there early.
Si vous aimez le mélange des genres, entre oldies et nouvelles vagues, J & C proposent un cocktail éclectique de curiosités et de bijoux des 20e et 21e siècles: de Hoagie Carmichael à Of Montreal, de Wanda Jackson aux Klaxons, de Johnny Cash aux Clash, de MC5 à The Hives, de France Gall aux New York Dolls. Indie, Garage, Surf, Lounge, low-fi, electronica, punk, power pop... Mieux vaut arriver tôt.
FRI 18 Apr, 9pm-1h30am, free.
L'Orange Mecanique, 72bis rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud,
11th. M°Parmentier.

AmbeR Rubarth (NY, U.S.)
Rubarth is a talented young indie singer who moves effortlessly between jazz-style torch singing a la Joli Holland, vaudevillian piano numbers, and acoustic folk songs marked by a charmingly childish twang. She is joined on the bill by The Fleets (FR), Belone (FR), and Nick Nell (UK).
Sat 19 Apr, 8pm, Free. Fleche D’Or.

The Hives (Sweden)
Did you know the Detroit Garage Rock Revival (Viva MC5) is partly located in Sweden? Touring their fourth album (The Black and White Album), these well-dressed Scandinavians bring Paris one of world rock’s most highly rated live shows. Supported by the fascinating gypsy punks, Gogol Bordello (US). I'm not crazy about big venues, but this is likely to rock.
Sun 20 Apr, 7pm, 29,70 €, Le Zenith

Gore Gore Girls
As cool as that would be, no, they are not Al Gore’s wayward daughters. They’re named after a 1970’s film parodying “Go Go Girls.” Detroit’s sultry garage girls, strut their high-heeled boots, fishnet stockings, and raw rock into the Maroquinerie as part of the festival « les femmes s'en mêlent ». Get The Gore (Bloodshot, June 07) made Billboard Magazine’s Ten Best Album’s of the Year list. Also playing The Priscillas and Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille.
Mon 21 Apr, 7:30pm.13,50 La Maroquinerie.

Birdpen (UK)
Created by Dave Pen (Archive) and Mark Bird, Bird Pen has the British press swooning.Steady, dark, entracingly austere tracks make up their latest EP Be Yourself.
They are joined by The Low Lows (US), Folk Rock;TV Buddhas (Isrl): Dance, Indian, Punk; and Trompe Le Monde (FR), electro-rock.
Wed 23 Apr, 8pm. Free. Fleche d’Or.

Jimmy Cliff
Cliff is the legendary singer who built the bridge between Motown and Reggae. Songs like "The Harder They Come," "Sweet and Dandy," "Rivers of Babylon," and "Pressure Drop" have earned him an indisputable immortality. The ticket is definitely steep at 40,60 euros. But would you pay that to see Marley? The Rolling Stones? One of the greats.
Wed 23 Apr 8pm, 40,60euros. Bataclan

The Victorian English Gentleman’s Club (UK, of course)
“The Victorian English Gentlemens Club are guitar bass drums and voices from Cardiff. They will freely describe their music as Pop although they sometimes play songs without a chorus. It has also been described as Rock, although they have been known to use a glockenspiel, and Punk, despite their enjoyment of effects pedals and natural fibres.” They’ve also been described as a “gentleman’s club”, though no lap dances have yet been reported. Also playing, J. Mascis’s (Dinosaur Jr.) metal band, Witch; This Is Pop (FR); and Edible Woman (It).
Fri 25 Apr. 8pm. Free. Fleche d’Or

(Electric & Musical Industries Ltd/The Biz Records/Uk)

Indie / Folk Rock / Pop. Make Model is what happens when six young Glaswegians have spent too many boozy late nights on each other's sofas listening to records and joining the dots between pop and post-rock via no wave and the odd sliver of German electronica at 3 in the morning..Warning: rest of the bill is electro or industrial.
Sat 26 Apr. 8pm. Free. Fleche D’Or

Long Blonds
These four rockin limey lasses and one lucky squire on drums earned considerable critical and popular acclaim with their 2006 album Someone To Drive You Home (Rough Trade). Their sophomore effort “Couples” was released in March. Their influences range from pop punk (Buzzcocks) to New Wave (The Human League).
Sat 26 Apr 7pm. 18euros. La Maroquinerie.

This Riverside, California quartet made a splash in the mid 90s with their “rock and soul” sound, thanks to the Motownish vocals of Lisa Kekaula. Like the Detroit Cobras, they mix that vocal style against garagey compositions. Hard, Sweet and Sticky, their eighth full-lenth album was just released this month on Cheap Lullaby Records.
Sun 27 Apr, 7:30pm, 18euros. La Maroquinerie

We are Scientists (NYC)
Infectious, rhythmically optimistic,occasionally danceable indie pop from Brooklyn. Their name derives from a conversation with a U-Haul employee who, reacting to their bespectacled bearings, queried, “Are you guys scientists?” Nominated for the UK New Music Express Band of the Year award in 2007. They’re touring Brain Thrust Mastery, their fourth album, released last month to a #11 reception on the UK charts. With
Sun 27 Apr, 7:30pm, 22euros. Nouveau Casino.

Micah P. Hinson (US)
Many are those who aspire to the ranks of bard singer-songwriter, but grasp futilely at the rope dangled down from Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, Tom Waits, Vic Chestnutt, and Richard Buckner. Micah P. Johnson is different. A Johnny Cash lurks in the baleful baritone behind his boyish looks and slight build. The 27-year-old who bottomed out at 19, penniless and drug addled, today testifies with gorgeous indie folk (occasionally more rocked up) about love and self-destruction (what else?). For a live sample, try this. and this
With the Postelles (US) and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (FR).
Mon 28 Apr.8pm. Free. Fleche D’Or

The brainchild of former Dinosaur Jr. bassist Lou Barlow, Sebadoh led the lo-fi indie rock movement of the 1990s (often mentioned in the same breath with Pavement). The tour promotes the reissuing of their 1993 record Bubble and Scrape via Domino on May 5, with some 15 extra tracks. Some of you know and love(d) them. Those of you who don't are urged to take a listen. Same night as Micah P. Hinson: life isn't fair.
Mon 28 Apr. 7:30pm. Le Trabendo Ticket here

Rue Royale (Chicago, US) Beautiful indie folk. If there’s a criticism of them, it’s that they sometimes sound too much like Elliot Smith, Iron and Wine, and Sufjan Stevens. But Ruth Dekker’s sweet harmonic backing and Brooklyn’s more upbeat compositions move them toward something all of their own. If you can't shell out the dough for Nick Cave, this is a good option. With Mely Ruben, Kim Novak, and Blackpool.

Tues 29 Apr, 8pm. Free Fleche D’Or

He has a voice as legendary as Johnny Cash's and Tom Waits'. And his music ain't too bad, either.
Tues 29 Apr, 44-60 euros (Sold Out) Casino de Paris

Koko Von Napoo
Nice synth-sprinkled indie-pop, with xylophones and 80's New Wave references galore. Local act worth a listen.Wed 30 Apr, La Maroquinerie

Why? (Indie/Folk/New Wave) (Oakland, US/Anticon)
Hailing from Oakland, California, Why? is part of the Anticon. indepedent artist collective formed in 1998 to promote underground rap and hip-hop. Though the lyrics in some of their music certainly reflect these beginnings (fabulously clever rhymes and rhythms), Why? also draws on folk, rock, new wave, and electronic to create a fantastic sound all unto their own. Okay, if you must compare to someone else, think the Postal Service or Sparklehorse meets Modest Mouse.
April 30, Wednesday, 7:30pm, Café de la Danse--Hilary Camblos

Coming Soon...

PORTISHEAD: 5-6 May, Zénith

WEEN: 11 May, La Maroquinerie

LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION: 15 May, Maroquinerie

VAMPIRE WEEKEND: 19 May, Trabendo

May 28 MGMT Bataclan

WILLIE NELSON: 16 May, Grand Rex

FESTIVAL SUPER! MON AMOUR (avec Animal Collective, Crystal Castles, El Guincho): 22-27 May, various venues

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: 24 May, Theatre de l’Alhambra

MGMT: 28 May, Cigale

CAT POWER: 1 June, Olympia

DEVO (Vilette Sonique): 3-8 June, La Villette

RADIOHEAD: 9-10 Jun, Bercy

MIKA: 4 July, Parc des Princes

BECK: 7 July, Olympia



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