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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Narrow Terence Thursday Feb. 14

Do your sweetie a favor, on this hallmark holiday for suckuh luvuhs. Exchange a Shrek scratch n' sniff valentine and then take him or her to see the fabulous (though oddly named) Narrow Terence at La Maroquinerie. If you like what bands like Calexico and Lambchop do with the huge lineup of poly-instrumentalists and chamber quirk, you won't be disappointed by NT. The sound at times is clearly influenced by the southwestern thang canned authoritatively by Calexico, yet they are not simply a bunch of imitators. Yiddish and Roma influences abound. Yet they have a solid rockbone to many of the songs. The vocal style also recalls Tom Waits. Yet not just St. Tom. They stand tall above the armies of French imitators of elusive Anglo-American cred. See you there. Hubba hubba.

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