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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February-Early March: Band of Horses, Kinski,Polysic, Jose Gonzales, The Tossers...

The Lords of Altamont (L.A., U.S.)
Sun. Feb. 3, 7:30pm, 16.60€, Nouveau Casino
The MC5 are often hailed as THE godfathers of American punk (immortalized in the lines to one of their songs by the same name, “Kick Out The Jams, Motherfuckers!”). Their bassist, Michael Davis, produces and plays bass for LA garage punks the LOA. The influence shows. The LOA bring you some of the best old school garage punk you’ll ever see (their albums pale to their live performance) in a month stacked with the genre at the Nouveau Casino (with the Von Bondies arriving Feb. 10). A recent concert review described their enthusiasm as “bordering on maniacal,” while another speaks of “thrashing” keyboards. Frequently compared to the Stooges.

Carte Blanche to Spleen and The Black and White Skins (Hip hop/folk)(France, no label)
Feb 5 and Feb 12, 8pm, free, La Fleche d'Or
La Fleche d'Or has given free reign to beatboxer Spleen and his group The Black and White Skins for three whole nights! Their eclectic style, ranging from rap to jazz (and everything in between), gives you the unmistakable pleasure of unpredictability. With numerous groups, including Gaël and Rosie (of Cocorosie), Lippie, and Keziah Jones. ==Hilary Camblos

Feb. 7 and 16: Parisnormale, Gogoparis, Ivyparis dj Jayson at L'Orange Mecanique:

Parisnormale,, and present two dj soirees this month featuring Dj Jayson at new Oberkampf bar L'Orange Mecanique: Thursday Feb. 7 and Saturday Feb. 16., parisnormale, and music critic and former Chicago dj Jay Harsin spins an eclectic mix of 20th and 21st century oddities and gems from From Hoagie Carmichael to Of Montreal, Wanda Jackson to the Klaxons, Johnny Cash to the Clash, MC5 to The Hives, France Gall to the New York Dolls. For seats, get there early. Aller or be carré! :P

The Von Bondies (Detroit, U.S.)
Sun 10 Feb, 8.30pm, 17.70€. ,Nouveau Casino
Inspired by a Guitar Wolf concert in the year 2000, the Von Bondies went on to lead the Detroit garage rock revival (along with the White Stripes, the Dirtbombs, and the Detroit Cobras). Famous for reliably hip-swivelin’ music, the theme song to the American TV series “Rescue Me,” and fisticuffs with Jack White, the Von Bondies will be regaling Parisians with their album released this month “Love, Hate and Then There's You” (Sire). Skip the Red Bull, try a purer stimulant: the Von Bondies.

BRITISH SEA POWER (Indie/Alternative/Pop)(UK/Rough Trade Records)
Sun., Feb 10, 7:30pm, 16/17 euros, Café de la Danse
Brighton, UK, BSP's past efforts made it into the 'teens on both the UK Albums and Singles Charts, and 'twas hardly a fluke. They used to be compared to Joy Division in their early years, but now Arcade Fire is the point of reference – monumental rock, choral and all. Their just released third full album cheekily entitled "Do You Like Rock Music?" has been hailed as their best yet (and their last two received 4.5/5 from sites like And... they're especially hot live. Expect a show full of wild antics and perhaps even some improv – they won the 2004 Time Out London Live Band of the Year Award.--HC and JH


What singer-songwriter-bard can possibly pick up the leaden baton that Elliot Smith dropped five years ago? Argentinian-Swede Jose Gonzales with his beautifully melancholic lyrics and hauntingly Nick Drakesque guitar picking is a very, very strong candidate. See him at Cigale this time. Next time it might be a place where you'll need your binoculars.
24 Feb, Cigale

Kinski (U.S., Subpop): "Expérimentale / Rock. Kinski is a four-piece rock band from Seattle, WA. Their unique evocation of avant-rock is deconstructionist and heady, but also emotive and visceral. NME described Kinski as: “Like Sabbath in a washing machine during a power surge.” Comprised of guitarists Chris Martin and Matthew Reid-Schwartz (Matthew also plays keyboards and flute), bassist Lucy Atkinson, and drummer Barrett Wilke, Kinski have toured with Mission of Burma, Comets on Fire, Oneida, Mono, Acid Mothers Temple, Black Mountain, and most recently opened a month of dates for Tool on their spring ’07 tour."
EON MEGAHERTZ (Sriracha Records/Pias)
"Rock. After the long-awaited release of their first E.P. "Computer Compatible" in 2002 (sold out), followed by exhausting promotional tours (2003/2004), after having bought a new set of clothes (the former ones having been torn apart by fans), the members of Eon Megahertz recorded, in late of 2004, the L.P. "Members of the Evil Trance and its Exclusive Organization" (M.E.T.E.OR.) and keep playing in every venue to prepare its release in January 2006... Their influences mostly come from Rock'n'roll (Stooges, Cramps, Elvis...), and also from anything that might sound good in electro (Suicide, LTNo...), Latin music or crooners from the 50's..."
25 Feb. Monday, Fleche D'Or

The Tossers le (legacy of the Pogues)
26.Feb. Tues. La Maroquinerie

Polysics(Japanese New Wave Revival)
26 Feb. Tues, Nouveau Casino

"Indie / Expérimentale / Pop. in the spring of 2003 the band migrated north, to the taconite fields of the iron range. there, buried deep in a mine shaft, they spent long nights perfecting their craft. finally, as the northern chill of fall began to once again sweep over lake superior, the brothers tapes returned south. today they are presenting their beautifully wrapped, sweet smelling product to the hipsters, college rockers, and b-boys of the world. "[this blurb from the Fleche site says very little in the end, but rest assured these guys rock in a way that sometimes reminds me of Of Montreal; highly recommended] 27 Feb. Wed., Fleche d'Or

Band of Horses

I still maintain that South Carolina ’s BOH sounds a lot like the excellent My Morning Jacket (and has other important echoes of Grandaddy and Mercury Rev vocals and spacey guitar riffs). Resemblances aside, the fact still stands that BOH give good jangly space pop with nice synth caresses. Lead singer-songwriter Ben Bridwell also has his poetic flourishes, which manage beautifully to buoy his more clichéd lines. For example, of the nostalgia, mystery, and denial in a failing relationship, he marvels, “It’s looking like a limb torn off…reeling through an endless fall.... But no one is ever gonna love you more than I do.” Their 2007 Subpop release Cease to Begin made best of 2007 lists. Not for Boogie Shoes, but the Thinking Feller.
28 February, La Maroquinerie, 19h30, soldout (check lesinrocks forum for extras)

Afro Beat / Rock. The Afrorockerz project is born from a desire to add soulfull modern vibes to the incredible groove of afrobeat. A kind of dirty afrobeat, mixed with rough electronic sound and pop structure. For this first album with the afrobeat diva Ruth TAFEBE, we were lucky enough to have on drums the master Tony ALLEN ( Fela), and to feature Amayo (Antibalas), Asha ( Naïve ), Chief udoh ( Fela ) and many others friends... Ruth 's soulfull message is rooted into panafricanism and conscioussness and we are proud to defend it. The album " Holy Warriors" was released in june, check it out on COMET RECORDS, the historical label of Tony Allen, Randy Weston, Meïssa, Art Konik, Doctor L, Jî mob and many compilations. Live band is a 5 piece band based in Paris and NY, holy warriors ll rock the dance floor and fight for love, a new sound is on...
1 March, Sat., Fleche D'Or

Los Campesinos
Jangly, Jump-around-contagious pop punk
4 March, Tuesday, Nouveau Casino

Parisnormale's D-Jay Eclectique two dates in March: March 5 and March 17: (Jayson Harsin) at L'Orange Mecanique Bar (72 Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud), spinning Pearls and Oddities of 20th Century (and a few from the 21st) American, British, and French music, from Hoagie Carmichael to Of Montreal, Wanda Jackson to the Klaxons, Johnny Cash to the Clash, The Temptations to Public Enemy, Gil Scott Herron to Del the Funky Homo Sapien.
Others to expect:
Prince, pixies, ramones, mc5, gangoffour, kraftwerk, devo, gene vincent, carl perkins, jerry lee lewis, bo diddley, chuck berry, little Richard, fats waller, clap your hands say yeah, cold war kids, the shins, velvet underground (VU), sex pistols, human league, gary numan, air, hives, art brut, modest mouse, yo la tengo, gbv, david bowie, blondie, deltron 3030, gainsbourg, gall, hardy, bardot, nouvelle vague and many, many more.
Cheap Drinks, good beats, hot freaks: D-Jay Eclectique at L'Orange Mecanique, 72 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, Metro Parmentier, Couronnes, St. Maur, or Menilmontant.

Carolina Chocolate Drops (African-American bluegrass/folk) (US/Music Maker Relief Foundation)
Mon, March 10,
8:30pm, New Morning
Contrary to stereotypes, African-American music (traditionally and even today) is not just blues, motown, and hiphop. Did you know that the banjo is an instrument developed by African-American slaves? From the wooden back porches of
North Carolina comes the old skool, pickin’ and pluckin’ African-American folk of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. (You might have heard them on the soundtrack for The Great Debaters.) Bring on the iced tea and two-steppin’.--HC and JH

Moriarty (Indie/Folk) (US, France, Germany, Italy..../ Naïve / Deschamps & Makeïeff)
Tues, March 18,
11am, free, Radio Live Le Fou du Roi
Fri, March 21,
8pm, 22 euros, La Cigale (SOLD OUT)
This pan-european indie folk group sounds like they were magically transported from the 1920s American South, with the soulful, melancholic, charmingly twangy voice of frontswoman Rosemary Moriarty backed by folksy, bluesy acoustic strings, harmonica, and swingin’ drums. Their subtly political lyrics remain true to both the progressive parts of the folk and indie movements. Sadly, they’re already sold out at La Cigale! Try to catch them March 18 on the Radio Live show Le Fou du Roi – show up at 10am for first-come, first-serve seats to the 11am show. --HC and JH

Early Warnings
THE CURE: 12 Mar, Bercy
AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB: 18 March, Divan du Monde
THE DO: 20 Mar, Cigale
Phoebe Kildeer (Nouvelle Vague): 26 March, Nouveau casino
The Figurines: 29 March, Nouveau Casino
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS: 29 April, Casino de Paris

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Narrow Terence Thursday Feb. 14

Do your sweetie a favor, on this hallmark holiday for suckuh luvuhs. Exchange a Shrek scratch n' sniff valentine and then take him or her to see the fabulous (though oddly named) Narrow Terence at La Maroquinerie. If you like what bands like Calexico and Lambchop do with the huge lineup of poly-instrumentalists and chamber quirk, you won't be disappointed by NT. The sound at times is clearly influenced by the southwestern thang canned authoritatively by Calexico, yet they are not simply a bunch of imitators. Yiddish and Roma influences abound. Yet they have a solid rockbone to many of the songs. The vocal style also recalls Tom Waits. Yet not just St. Tom. They stand tall above the armies of French imitators of elusive Anglo-American cred. See you there. Hubba hubba.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Parisnormale, IvyParis, and GogoParis DJ soirees

Parisnormale,, and present two dj soirees this month featuring Dj Jayson at new Oberkampf bar L'Orange Mecanique: Thursday Feb. 7 and Saturday Feb. 16., parisnormale, and music critic and former Chicago dj Jay Harsin spins an eclectic mix of 20th and 21st century oddities and gems from From Hoagie Carmichael to Of Montreal, Wanda Jackson to the Klaxons, Johnny Cash to the Clash, MC5 to The Hives, France Gall to the New York Dolls. For seats, get there early. Aller or be carré! :P

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