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Thursday, January 17, 2008

January Calendar In process

Les Inrocks: The Hoosiers, The Dodoz, Kid Bombardos
La Maroquinerie
Jan. 17
17 euros

La Maroquinerie
Jan. 23

Nouveau Casino
samedi 26 janvier 2008 - 19h
16 euros en prévente

Afro beats, hip hop, for human rights.
La Maroquinerie
Jan. 26

Frightened Rabbit
Silje Nes Sat. Jan 26, 8pm, free, La Fleche D’Or.

Glasgow indie rockers Frightened Rabbit have charmed critics and audiences with their brand of reflective lyrics and sometimes jangly electric and other times driving acoustic guitar music peppered with an accordion. Lead singer Scott (no last name) often has a kind of verge-of-tears, nearly off-key moaning vocals reminiscent of Will Oldham or Connor Oberst. If that’s your bag, there are a lot worse ones to be left holding. Frightened Rabbit will be playing with the endearing Norwegian Silje Nes, celebrated for her stripped down guitar, low-fi electronic accompaniment, and breathy, intimate vocals.

The Sadies w/ Heavy Trash
Sunday Jan. 27, 7:30pm, 18euros La Maroquinerie
The Sadies are great aficionados of and bricoleurs with a multiplicity of vintage genres: namely classic country, surf, spaghetti western, and psychedelia. Formerly produced by the mythical Steve Albini, their recent album “New Seasons” was produced by Gary Louris, and with a greater appreciation for those genres himself. The result was the Sadies doing what they’ve done well all along, but now at their recording best. Never to be seen as following the crowd, The Sadies are their own creation and well worth your curiosity if you’re interested in expanding your appreciation of genres and creative hybrids. Those who know them already love them.They will be opening for the better known Heavy Trash, featuring the blues thrash of legendary rockers Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray.

La Maroquinerie
Jan. 29

The Lords of Altamont (L.A., U.S.)
Sun. Feb. 3, 7:30pm, 16.60€, Nouveau Casino
The MC5 are often hailed as THE godfathers of American punk (immortalized in the lines to one of their songs by the same name, “Kick Out The Jams, Motherfuckers!”). Their bassist, Michael Davis, produces and plays bass for LA garage punks the LOA. The influence shows. The LOA bring you some of the best old school garage punk you’ll ever see (their albums pale to their live performance) in a month stacked with the genre at the Nouveau Casino (with the Von Bondies arriving Feb. 10). A recent concert review described their enthusiasm as “bordering on maniacal,” while another speaks of “thrashing” keyboards. Frequently compared to the Stooges.

Carte Blanche to Spleen and The Black and White Skins (Hip hop/folk)(France, no label)
Feb 5 and Feb 12, 8pm, free, La Fleche d'Or
La Fleche d'Or has given free reign to beatboxer Spleen and his group The Black and White Skins for three whole nights! Their eclectic style, ranging from rap to jazz (and everything in between), gives you the unmistakable pleasure of unpredictability. With numerous groups, including Gaël and Rosie (of Cocorosie), Lippie, and Keziah Jones. ==Hilary Camblos

The Von Bondies (Detroit, U.S.)
Sun 10 Feb, 8.30pm, 17.70€. ,Nouveau Casino
Inspired by a Guitar Wolf concert in the year 2000, the Von Bondies went on to lead the Detroit garage rock revival (along with the White Stripes, the Dirtbombs, and the Detroit Cobras). Famous for reliably hip-swivelin’ music, the theme song to the American TV series “Rescue Me,” and fisticuffs with Jack White, the Von Bondies will be regaling Parisians with their album released this month “Love, Hate and Then There's You” (Sire). Skip the Red Bull, try a purer stimulant: the Von Bondies.

BRITISH SEA POWER (Indie/Alternative/Pop)(UK/Rough Trade Records)
Sun., Feb 10, 7:30pm, 16/17 euros, Café de la Danse
Brighton, UK, BSP's past efforts made it into the 'teens on both the UK Albums and Singles Charts, and 'twas hardly a fluke. They used to be compared to Joy Division in their early years, but now Arcade Fire is the point of reference – monumental rock, choral and all. Their just released third full album cheekily entitled "Do You Like Rock Music?" has been hailed as their best yet (and their last two received 4.5/5 from sites like And... they're especially hot live. Expect a show full of wild antics and perhaps even some improv – they won the 2004 Time Out London Live Band of the Year Award.--HC and JH

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tomorrow Jan. 3 and Friday Jan. 4

Thur. Jan 3 See Arlt at Le Java. Friday see Parisnormale DJ Jayson and Berlin DJ Peter at L'Orange Mecanique. Info below.
Happy New Year!
Formerly "Parisnormale: Paris Rocks"