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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tonight! Lippie at Fleche D'Or (plus check calendar updates, and, Wombats review, and concert reviews)

11/3, La Fleche d’Or, Lippie ( (France)

With simple, perhaps even minimalist songs that build by layered tracks, with a patience permitting you to savor each sweet note and attendant harmony, Lippie makes listening like passing hours with a sensitive, passionate lover. She presents a slow groove that reaches in and resonates with some primordial instinct, in which you hear the influences of rock, blues, and reggae, plus a little jazzy syncopation tossed into the mix – wait, is that Bjork I hear there too? Lippie’s got a sound that clears out all the cobwebs and presents glimpses of the elusive essence of music. Playing with Juan Spark and Anton Stars, the Dodoz, and Fantôme.

(Hillary Camblos)

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