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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Concert Review: Brille REcords Party, Fleche D'Or

Brille Records threw a fabulous label party almost two weeks ago Wednesday at La Fleche d'Or, featuring the young Aussie indie-pop group Operator Please and the British indie rock trio Good Shoes. Despite their cherubic look, OP rocked the crowd with their tight pop sound, led by the strong vocals of Amanda Wilkinson. Was there moshing? Oh, yes. Good Shoes garagier sound followed. They quickly proved worthy of the cross-channel buzz about them. As if their driving beat, fast, politically charged lyrics, and sweet guitar riffs weren't enough to make the crowd rock, everyone was quickly airborn following guitarist Steve Leach’s lead as a pogo-gone-wild on stage. Plus, they have fantastically well-worn shoes.
(Hilary Camblos)

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