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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August to September?

Besides the reliable Fleche D'Or, you may want to check out Glazart and some of the fun bars with djs playing, for example, your 80s favorites.

  • Glaz'art: located in Parc de la Villette, Glaz offers concerts, dj-ed nights, film projections and art expos. A cool space, even if a little out-of-the-way on the edge of the periph.This thur. Aug. 2, for example, they feature a group called Fizcus, which appears to be a ska-hip hop hybrid. A lot of trip hop and techno soirees though.

  • La Bellevilloise: very cool cafe-bar-concert hall next door to la Maroquinerie. It remains open during August. Aug. 18 Brazilian new-wave electro with Tatiana Dauster from Rio - CONCERT

  • Cafe des Sports, 20e Cool Bar in Menilmontant, dj-ed nights. Affordable drinks. Happy Hours.

I also urge you to explore the bars listed in our sidebar.

Concerts at La Fleche D'Or, late August:

  • 14/8 Fleche D’Or: Phoebe Kildeer is an Aussie living in Barcelona these days. She’s also a hot indie music name after contributing vocals to Nouvelle Vague’s second album—“Dancing With Myself”, “Human Fly”, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” et “Escape Myself”. Her voice is a soulful midpoint between P.J. Harvey and Cat Power, and her band the Lucky Short Straws will back her with screeching guitars, drums and keyboards. Also playing Robert Gomez, Dan Deacon, Izabo, and ANITA POPO Djset.
  • Quirky Israeli band Izabo is in residence at the Fleche D'Or Aug. 14 and 16, then playing Paris Plage Aug. 18. What is this stuff? Like a lot of great art, they answer is "I'm not sure." And that's a good thing. Here's a start at describing this eclectic sound: psycho-punk-tinged arabesque disco. A couple of things are sure: great fun, never to be described as banal.
  • Jake Labotz (Charnel Ground Records) is from L.A. and follows a great tradition of American roots music tempered by garage and punk (what some call insurgent country). Soulfoul, sometimes twangy, sometimes garagey, this is type of music is beloved by fans of X, John Doe, Dale Watson, Tom Waits, and Rufus Wainwright. Fleche D'Or August 18. Also playing: Superslinger, Nestor, and Rock'n'Roll.

Aug. 21 Fleche D'Or. Big UK indie rock night showcasing:
  1. JOE ALLEN (Uk/Oxford)Press Kit says, "Acoustique. Maybe its the way Joe batters his acoustic as he sings, as if Mike Scott and Damien Rice are both wrestling inside him, his tennis shoes pawing at the boards trying to lift him off the ground. Maybe it's the way Angharad's violin swoops and glides like seagulls round a Hibernian cliff face, effortlessly catching the thermals of his wonderful voice. 'Gunpoint' ratchets this up further as a loop-station turns it into Ed Alleyne Johnson dancing with Thom Yorke. To paraphrase the master; this is so f**king special.""
  2. PISTACHIOS (Uk) Aug. 21 Fleche D'Or. Proud of their brand-spankin' new van, the Pistachios are breakin' it in with a trip frog-ward. They offer up an exhilirating blend of funk, reggae, tango, ska, hip-hop, salsa.
  3. HOLLIS GREENE (Uk)Classical and new wave pianist a la Philip Glass, Hollis Greene wears multiple hats. He comes to the Fleche D'Or Aug. 21 with his chill low-fi keyboard experiments. T

Now, here's a video taste of what's coming up in late August and early September...

Final Fantasy, Aug. 15, Divan Du Monde:

STUCK IN THE SOUND: 17 Aug, Paris-Plages.

The Gossip, Sept. 5 Nouveau Casino

The Fratellis, Aug. 25, St. Cloud

INROCKS INDIE CLUB 1: 20 Sept, La Maroquinerie with the Cribs, the Raveonettes, Da Brasilians

Electric Soft Parade, Oct. 18 La Maroquinerie:
Formerly "Parisnormale: Paris Rocks"