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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sunny April--UPDATED

How about this weather, Parisnormaliens? Put on your sunblock, it's 26 degrees this week!
After your bains de soleil (assuming you're going to call in sick on at least one of these days), the night offers you an endless indie bounty. Try these for starters. I'll continue to add main plates and desserts to the menu. Bon appetit!

Studio de l'Hermitage Saturday April 14
Arlt. Click here for more about this hot indie acoustic duo.

Monday April 16: Another infernal night that pits two great shows against one another. When will these programmers just learn to get along?

La Maroquinerie
ShannonWright (Quarterstick Records). In the mid-90s this Jacksonville , Florida native embarked on a series of low-fi, highly creative indie-folk projects, featuring her clear maturation as a songwriter, singer, guitarist and pianist. Like Cat Power, she attracts the label “emotion” for her songs and performances. While it's a tough call on a night pitting her against Joanna Newsom, if you’re into indie-folk, low-fi, creative slow core without harps, this should give you your fix.
Apr 16 2007

La Cigale
Joanna Newsom (Drag City Records)
Hailing from Nevada City , California , Newsom is a trained harpist, harpsichordist and pianist whose rich, soft string-laden compositions have made a splash in the indie (-rock, -folk, -pop, etc.) genre, where she has been tagged with subgenres like pyschfolk, and which earned her album Ys a place on many critics’ best of 2006 lists. Indeed, her arrangements seem to generate a kind of warped fairytale ambience, a tad Alice in Wonderland. Her distinctive vocals are alternately Bjork and a pipe-smoking Appalachian folk singer, the cradle and the grave. An innocence of vocal style belies her poetic musings on time-honored themes--you know, love, loss and class warfare:
“My heart is a furnace
Full of love that's just, and earnest
Now; you know that we must unlearn this
Allegiance to a life of service
And no longer answer to that heartless
Hay-monger, nor be his accomplice” (from “Monkey and the Bear”)

Le Cabaret Sauvage
April 17--aussi! Thee Silver Mount Zion

POST-ROCK Après "Horses In The Sky" (2005), ce groupe canadien formé sur les cendres de Godspeed You! Black Emperor revient à Paris et sera de passage au Cabaret Sauvage.
11 déc. 2006
Le 17 avr. 2007
Cabaret Sauvage
parc de La Villette
59, bd McDonald
75019 Paris

La Fleche D’Or Wednesday, April 18

They have been called “a showcase band mixing theatrics and acid dance beats” that create unique atmospheres. In fact, the veterans of 80s electro pop and “krautrock” will see a clear lineage that ranges from Kraftwerk to Depeche Mode and a peppier Bauhaus. They’re promoting their new album “Discombobluation.” Dubious will be preceded by PIUMA (Fr), HIDE PARK CORNER (Fr), BENSE & THE TROUBADOURS (Fr), and MR NEVEUX (Fr).

Le Trabendo April 18

The Automatic (UK)

Welsh punk-disco, whose flute, kazoos, acoustic and electric guitars seem to recall 70s disco, funk, and rock with Rage Against the Machine, Queen, Asian Dub Foundation, or MC5 vocals, depending on the song. Interesting, to be sure.

Fleche D’Or April 19

Three-quarters UK indie assault

Classic rock throwbacks. Do you miss Zeppelin and Aerosmith, wink, wink? Ah, how irony reigns in these postmodern times.

Very 90s Brit-American guitar rock. Good enough to have played London and Liverpool, which is always a milestone for frog rock.

Promoted by Libertines’ and Babyshambles’ Pete Doherty (who has collaborated with them on a single) this band continues to grow in popularity. Their poppy, melodic and sparely plucked melodies, occasional grunge strumming, and harmonic boyish vocals are patently head bobbing. (playing with the Bishops)

Divan du Monde April 19

Joan as Policewoman (Brooklyn, U.S.): The only place producing as much fascinating indie music these days as Sweden or Omaha, Nebraska is undoubtedly Brooklyn, USA, from which Joan as Policewoman hails. Beauty is the new punk rock,” her myspace page somewhat pretentiously announces. Beauty may be relative, convulsive, ineffable, and/or a revolutionary aspiration in a time Joan finds saturated with apathy and distrust, and her music is at least an honest chasing after that elusive ideal. The guitar work sometimes recalls the early Cure (such as “The Forest”) at others a nostalgic horn-backed lounge soul, while vocals even recall the silk-throated Madeleine Peyroux. A pastiche that has yet to arise in the indie world, Joan’s music exudes a fleeting innocence, usually found by dusting off scratchy vinyl.

POPB. April 23
BOB DYLAN: Easily the doyen of American folk, Dylan keeps on ticking, though the times ‘r’ a changin’. Many say he hasn’t produced anything great in decades, but oh, what gifts he did give us in that decade past.

Fleche d'or
April 23
"By taking existing ideas and enhancing them, this Detroit powerhouse has bestowed their most awesome album to date." - Amplifier Magazine / "This is certainly Thunderbirds Are Now!`s most ambitious album." - All Music Guide / "When it's good, it grabs your attention like no other…. it still brims with hope for the future. Think more great moments than mere footnotes." - Exlaim! Magazine / "Make History is an accomplished album from a regularly underrated band." 7 out of 10 - Drowned in Sound / "A consistent adherence to the conventions of pop music turns out to work well for this band when applied to their upbeat post-punk aesthetic." -

Nouveau Casino
Avant Seine festival, April 23, 24, 25

The title refers to Rock en Seine, the large music festival that rolls into Paris in August. And so this show in April is to be a prelude that features the best of emerging French rock/pop. While on the global indie rock scene France has not produced too many Plastic Bertrands, Airs or Nouvelle Vagues, these line-ups offer some music that can compete with some of the stuff leaking out of Brooklyn, London, Liverpool, and Omaha. If you want finally to give the French scene a fair shake, especially after guilty weeks, months, years of scouring the listings for Anglo acts, this may be your best opportunity.

Monday April 23:

Hey Hey My My: As their name indicates, they have a palpable Neil Young fetish to their style. But they’re hardly N.Young imitators, either. What if Neil Young were starting out today, and he became influenced by Bright Eyes? Voila: HHMM.

Alexandre Kinn : Folk/chanson de tradition francaise

Sammy Decoster : Interesting mix of Americana twang (of the wide-open range sort—Calexico) and la chanson francaise’s catchy acoustic cabaret guitar.

Brooklyn: Well, Brooklyn is pretty cool these days, so why not name yourself after it? It’s like you’re the Louis XIV of Brooklyn or something. Cheeky for very frog power pop that’s about as good as it gets.

Tuesday April 24

Naïve New Beaters :Repetitive (I guess that’s redundant) electro with a pinch of rap and pop—just a pinch. Absolutely danceable.

Housse de Racket : Playful Electro-pop

James Delleck, activiste electro-hip-hop: reputed for his articulate lyrics.

Wednesday April 25

David Carroll :guitar and violin used in a kind of indie-folk mix.

Les Shades : They’ve been described in the form of a question : « The French Arctic Monkeys ? » Songs are in French and also recall a lot of late 60s/early 70s French pop.

The Love Bandits :Impressive bluesy garage rock, making good use of a harmonica in the mix, and recalling bits of the Stones, the Stooges, and the Fall. Just what Dr. Shake-Your-Booty ordered (if you aren’t in to techno or electro).

Rodeo Massacre: Melodic Swedish garage rock a la The Hives.

La Maroquinerie



24 Avr. 07 à 19h30










April 26
The Slits Perhaps THE trailblazers for female punk rock, the Slits crashed the original London punk scene of 1976. Unrestrained, proudly un-polished, touring with the Clash and the Buzzcocks, they kicked: out the jams and ass. Two of the founding members went on to form another legendary female Brit-post-punk act the Raincoats. Now they’re back after years of personnel changes and genre experiments.



586 (UK)

Fleche d’or April 27

is a pretty boy power pop quartet. Dolt-headed signposts: early Lemonheads, the Kinks. Next on the bill is CHEENAH (Uk), who
crank out syncopated pop-guitar ska : Somewhere between Madness and Franz Ferdinand. Ambling up from Barcelona are BRAZZAVILLE (Esp) who lather you up with loungey low-fi pop, a la Josh Rouse, with Brazilian and Asian influences.

They are joined by local dears KISS KISS BANG BANG (Fr)

Fleche d’or Monday April 30

Blonde Redhead likes them. Still not convinced? This Glasgow gang deals in heady folk-pop odes and yarns that occasionally get some bounce in their step. It’s common to find yourself hanging on their figurative lyrics, as with “Pest” where Martin Henry sings, “desire crawls on my back like a rat.” Hardly Al Green material, but it has its fans. Do you have what it takes?

Maroquinerie Apr. 30

Howe Gelb (U.S. Thrill Jockey Records).

This Tucson, Arizona singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist has earned a reputation as a legitimate artiste over the last fifteen years as the front man for Giant Sand, a member of OP8, and a talented solo composer. The Proof? Look no further than his piano-ized cover of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” That’s right: better kneel as you watch him play.

Nouveau Casino Apr. 30


Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of post-rock/ambient stuff that looks down its bespectacled nose at vocals, but my trip to the Red Sparowes myspace page was a pleasant one. Their latest effort, “Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun
Neurot Recordings” reminds me of a mute My Morning Jacket at times. Plus, I’m a sucker for sampling spring bird sounds.

Here’s what they say about themselves:”With eight songs spread across nearly 62 minutes, Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun is an epic ambient rock record best experienced in its entirety: From the opening bass volley to the closing snare hit, the members of Red Sparowes expertly navigate the hidden vibrations of what seems like a preordained trajectorychiming, weeping, droning; gracefully descending, and then vaulting upwards, booming, scraping the orchestral firmament before spiraling softly into the inevitable comedown.”

Fleche D’or

May Day, May 1 : Roma Therapy

This show won’t facilitate your May Day vows to cheer on the International Workers of the World, but what better place to be than the Fleche if you have a Roma itch that needs scratching? From a kind of gypsy-tinged 60s soul-garage (The Romanee Counteez) to gypsie-punk-metal (Kultur Shock) and Latin American-Balkan hybrids (Mala Vita), this is bound to be a gypsy fest that will leave a lingering impression.

Soul / Punk / Psychedelic. Soul / Punk.

”Gypsie on steroids / Punk wedding / Trash rumba.” Produced by former Faith No More bassist (and Kool Arrow owner) Billy Gould and recorded primarily by Jack Endino, Kultura-Diktatura is a natural progression from the band's first two albums. Live In Amerika, which the band released on its own Pacific label, was full of traditional Balkan folk songs, while FUCC the INS, released on Kool Arrow in 2001, found the band moving into more original territory and adding more attitude and aggression into the mix. True to the boundary-crossing nature of the band, Kultura-Diktatura was mixed in Oslo's Lydlab Studios with Ulf Holland (Gluecifer, Motorpsycho, AHA) engineering. punk rock and gypsy metal.”

”Powerful melodies from the Balkans, explosive rhythms from Latin America and lyrics straight from the dark Neapolitan alleys, welcome to the world of Mala Vita! These gypsies from the 21st century know how to energetically summarize the world in a nutshell. A new album, a collaboration with Manu Chao’s bassplayer, an Essent Award, nobody can stop this band! The secret of this success? Bring six musicians together with different nationalities and backgrounds, let them blend and the global sounds of Mala Vita will blow out of your speakers.”

»BalkansBeats. TA GA DA sont trois syllabes utilisées dans le scat (technique d’improvisation vocal) tzigane.

Le Trabendo May 2 Cold War Kids, (sold out)

They opened for CYHSY a couple of months ago. I guess this means the Kids are all right...

Fleche D’or Friday May 4

I was always suspicious of French garage rock as stuck in a language hopelessly better suited for the cabaret than for the hop...until I met this bunch. Songs like “funny funiculaire” and “mini jupe et watusi” challenge your determination to stand still and unfazed. Their live performances are legendary for their infectious energy. Suckle the night away.

Indie / PowerPop / Alternative. The Lurios are two sets of brothers dragged up on the smog-filled streets of Teesside. Captivating audiences with their youthfulness and sheer knack at writing brilliant indie-pop tunes, this four piece are currently crafting more and more songs and seem to be gathering more and more fans along the way, as they play the odd gig and shine the odd bit of lurio-light into the hearts of those that come to see them perform, recently sharing stages with bands such as Little Man Tate, The Fratellis, The Paddingtons and The Enemy.



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