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Sunday, April 29, 2007

May Calendar, updated

It seems like we've had nearly a month of warm sunny weather. The apocalypse is surely nigh, Parisnormaliens! Better turn the rock on high, for tomorrow ye shall fry.

Luckily, you'll have no problem doing that this month. The bountiful offerings include Malcolm Middleton (Arab STrap), Slint, Shellac, Built to Spill, Cluster, Rufus Wainwright, 54 nude honeys (Japanese dirty rock), Nashville Pussy (Just plain dirty rock). Ooh, lah, LAH, PN's. Ooh...Lah...Lah.

Drink up! Your glass is empty.

Fleche d’or Monday April 30

Blonde Redhead likes them. Still not convinced? This Glasgow gang deals in heady folk-pop odes and yarns that occasionally get some bounce in their step. It’s common to find yourself hanging on their figurative lyrics, as with “Pest” where Martin Henry sings, “desire crawls on my back like a rat.” Hardly Al Green material, but it has its fans. Do you have what it takes?

Maroquinerie Apr. 30

Howe Gelb CANCELLED (U.S. Thrill Jockey Records).

This Tucson, Arizona singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist has earned a reputation as a legitimate artiste over the last fifteen years as the front man for Giant Sand, a member of OP8, and a talented solo composer. The Proof? Look no further than his piano-ized cover of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” That’s right: better kneel as you watch him play.

Nouveau Casino Apr. 30


Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of post-rock/ambient stuff that looks down its bespectacled nose at vocals, but my trip to the Red Sparowes myspace page was a pleasant one. Their latest effort, “Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun
Neurot Recordings” reminds me of a mute My Morning Jacket at times. Plus, I’m a sucker for sampling spring bird sounds.

Here’s what they say about themselves:”With eight songs spread across nearly 62 minutes, Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun is an epic ambient rock record best experienced in its entirety: From the opening bass volley to the closing snare hit, the members of Red Sparowes expertly navigate the hidden vibrations of what seems like a preordained trajectorychiming, weeping, droning; gracefully descending, and then vaulting upwards, booming, scraping the orchestral firmament before spiraling softly into the inevitable comedown.”

Fleche D’or

May Day, May 1 : Roma Therapy

This show won’t facilitate your May Day vows to cheer on the International Workers of the World, but what better place to be than the Fleche if you have a Roma itch that needs scratching? From a kind of gypsy-tinged 60s soul-garage (The Romanee Counteez) to gypsie-punk-metal (Kultur Shock) and Latin American-Balkan hybrids (Mala Vita), this is bound to be a gypsy fest that will leave a lingering impression.

Soul / Punk / Psychedelic. Soul / Punk.

”Gypsie on steroids / Punk wedding / Trash rumba.” Produced by former Faith No More bassist (and Kool Arrow owner) Billy Gould and recorded primarily by Jack Endino, Kultura-Diktatura is a natural progression from the band's first two albums. Live In Amerika, which the band released on its own Pacific label, was full of traditional Balkan folk songs, while FUCC the INS, released on Kool Arrow in 2001, found the band moving into more original territory and adding more attitude and aggression into the mix. True to the boundary-crossing nature of the band, Kultura-Diktatura was mixed in Oslo's Lydlab Studios with Ulf Holland (Gluecifer, Motorpsycho, AHA) engineering. punk rock and gypsy metal.”

”Powerful melodies from the Balkans, explosive rhythms from Latin America and lyrics straight from the dark Neapolitan alleys, welcome to the world of Mala Vita! These gypsies from the 21st century know how to energetically summarize the world in a nutshell. A new album, a collaboration with Manu Chao’s bassplayer, an Essent Award, nobody can stop this band! The secret of this success? Bring six musicians together with different nationalities and backgrounds, let them blend and the global sounds of Mala Vita will blow out of your speakers.”

»BalkansBeats. TA GA DA sont trois syllabes utilisées dans le scat (technique d’improvisation vocal) tzigane.

Le Trabendo May 2 Cold War Kids, (sold out)

They opened for CYHSY a couple of months ago. I guess this means the Kids are all right...

Fleche D’or Friday May 4

I was always suspicious of French garage rock as stuck in a language hopelessly better suited for the cabaret than for the hop...until I met this bunch. Songs like “funny funiculaire” and “mini jupe et watusi” challenge your determination to stand still and unfazed. Their live performances are legendary for their infectious energy. Suckle the night away.

Indie / PowerPop / Alternative. The Lurios are two sets of brothers dragged up on the smog-filled streets of Teesside. Captivating audiences with their youthfulness and sheer knack at writing brilliant indie-pop tunes, this four piece are currently crafting more and more songs and seem to be gathering more and more fans along the way, as they play the odd gig and shine the odd bit of lurio-light into the hearts of those that come to see them perform, recently sharing stages with bands such as Little Man Tate, The Fratellis, The Paddingtons and The Enemy.



Café de la Danse, 20h, May 5
Avatars of the slowcore indie rock movement, Low (Subpop Records) sprouted up in sync with noisy guitar rock in 1993. Their tempo was slow;their volume--low as their name. They got a bit louder as time went on, but their albums, with one major recent exception, have been consistently described as spare, and the vocal harmonies between singer Alan Sparhawk and his wife Mimi Parker distinctively beautiful. However, their markedly up-tempoed and louder 2005 album The Great Destroyer was seen as experimental, which reportedly won new fans and alienated some older ones. Some expected Low to return to their signature minimalist arrangements; in fact, their latest, Guns and Drums, is equally layered, harmonic, and brooding.


Le Trabendo May 5
The Pipettes have reinvented the contemporary girl group by writing over the Palimpsest once produced by Phil Specter and his infectious sugar pop (such as “To Know Him Is to Love Him” and “The Doo Ron Ron”). Sweet retro female vocals (a la the Ronnettes) reverse gender stereotypes of the clichéd love songs their sound quotes.

La Fleche May 7 La Fleche
LOGH (Suède)
They're from Sweden. Okay, so far so good. They also have a conceptual credo, making them sound prententiously (and that's our middle name, Parisnormaliens!:)) like the musical equivalent of the Dogma group in film. That is, they aim for a minimalist aesthetic where every little detail counts. Their often melancholic arrangements beg your appreciation without sending you to the closest bridge or to the Eiffel Tower in a fit of disconsolation. In fact, since their first album "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings" in 2002 their albums have explored new, occasionally wandering on to the at least partly cloudy side of the street. Sometimes compared to their widely revered fellow vikings, Sigur Ros, but more acoustic with lyrics by anglophone terrestrials.

Folk. Révélé par son premier album "Songs from a Two-Room Chapel", il enregistre rapidement son second opus "Faya" avec l'aide de Craig Schumacher, déjà présent sur les projets de Calexico et Giant Sand. Christian Kjellvander enregistre même un duo avec le belle Nina Persson des Cardigans et profite du bon accueil de son album pour faire une tournée européennne avec une escale à la Flèche d'Or.

Folk / Experimental. En 2003, The Twilight Sad donne deux concerts dans des salles sombres de Glasgow en regroupant sur scène tous leurs instruments de musique pour offrir au public des morceaux de plus d'une demi heure. Ensuite, en formation plus réduite ils travaillent ensemble sur la création d'un album et révisent le format des chansons dans l'idée de faire un album. FatCat Records tombent sous le charme de leur démo et signe leur premier cd, mélange de rock planant et de voix puissantes.

NLF3 (Fr)
Paru en 2000, le premier album du groupe "part one & part two" manifeste une grande liberte instrumentale et un eclectisme singulier des timbres. "Viva !", leur deuxieme album sorti en 2003, inclassable et enthousiaste, est encense par la critique : The Wire et Les Inrockuptibles y voient lun des meilleurs opus de l'annee. Prenant appui sur les compositions créées pour le film d'Eisenstein, nlf 3 (trio) produit son troisieme album en septembre 2005. En quinze titres et cinquante minutes, "Music for Que Viva Mexico !" devoile la richesse de l'univers du groupe et temoigne de sa maturite.

Divan Du Monde, May 7 (from


The Norwegian singer-songwriter with the elfin voice and simple, breezy melodies has been starting to awaken ears with her Norwegian Grammy-winning-equivalent second album, Rykestrasse 68. Like Matthew Herbert, Hukkelberg has a fascination for sampling everyday objects, and spent two years riding around Oslo on her bike collecting sounds for her début album. You can’t go past the eerily beautiful voice, and the overall effect is rather like mixing Kate Bush’s quieter moments with the intimacy of Joanna Newsom or El Perro del Mar. CG

La Maroquinerie, May 8:

Nouveau Casino, May 9
Duke Special Duke Special ( Belfast)
Was here in January and is back for more frog love (that means us too). This guy is celebrated for a distinctive sound, an artiste, if you will. Influences are Elliot Smith, Tom Waits, and Magnetic Fields, he says. But I hear Ryan Adams a bit in there. The trumpets and piano (almost a la George Winston) do indeed give it a distinctive sound. Give it a listen on Myspace, and check out the photographic resemblance to Robert Smith, sans makeup--very cure-ious.
[p.s. Now that I've seen him, I can report that the locks of hair in the face are actually dreads. The music was pleasant, doing his own thing: heavily Broadway and cabaret overtones to his performance, well except that he doesn't dance that much.]

La Fleche, May 9

Activists originally from Washington DC , BETTY began as an edgy a'cappella/spoken word/techno-beat trio known for fighting fiercely for causes in which they believe. Fierce Elizabeth (vocals, guitar), funky Alyson (vocals, bass) and funny Amy (vocals, cello) are the songwriters and arrangers, while virtuoso guitarist Tony Salvatore and sizzling drummer Mino Gori complete the band.

Trio rock sexy et déjanté, où se mélangent poésie sombre, riffs saturés et voix hypnotisantes. Un rock puissant, sombre et gorgé d’émotions. Des textes poétiques et engagés. Un groupe à l’énergie diabolique, oscillant entre brutalité et délicatesse.

IKU (Fr)
Garage / Grunge. Quatuor rock féminin ultra-énergique aux chansons puissantes. Ses 4 membres se produisent régulièrement dans les salles parisiennes avec leurs shows électriques. Influencé par les Ramones, Iggy Pop, les Sex Pistols, Hole et Sonic Youth, le garage-rock d'IKU est soutenu par la voix enflammée de la charismatique chanteuse-performeuse Akasha. Pendant le mois d'août on a enregistré 4 titres dont deux, "Putrefaction" et "Stop"sont en écoute sur notre profil.

Fleche, May 10
Ce duo formé par Mr Teddybear (musiques) et Arm (textes) évolue dans un genre apparemment surexploité : le rap en français. Dans ce courant où la quantité a souvent nuit à la qualité, Psykick Lyrikah nous montre qu'il est encore possible de surprendre dans ce registre. L'une des clés expliquant la fraîcheur de leur démarche est sans doute que leur hip hop est davantage influencé par le cinéma et la littérature que par des artistes de rap. Pour un résultat qui s'avère finalement plus proche de la poèsie que de n'importe qu'elle autre forme d'expression musicale moderne.

Le projet central de Gaël Desbois et d'Olivier Mellano, chacun ayant par ailleurs collaboré avec de nombreux artistes parmi lesquels Dominique A, Laetitia Shériff, Bed, Psykick Lyrikah, Françoise Breut, Yann Tiersen ... Après «Prendre l'eau» (2001) et «Contre le centre» (2004), MOBiiL sortira son 3ème album le 2 Mai 2007. Ce disque sera accompagné d'un album de remixes par entre autres Robin Guthrie, Bed, Oslo Téléscopic, Don Nino, Ben's Symphonic Orchestra, Psykick Lyrikah, Bikini Machine, Rudy Coclet.


Folkpop US avec des collaborations de Bob Weston (Shellac), Chris Brokaw (CODEINE), Christian Frederickson (RACHELS),...
La Maroq, May 10
Les Hurlements de Leo (Leo’s Cries)
LHL are to France what the Pogues are to Ireland and Gogol Bordello is to, well, the U.S. and Russia —they mix some seasoned global music genres like punk and ska with more traditionally folk or national styles such as gypsy and la chanson francaise. Like the Pogues, and Gogol Bordello, they attract the energetic hip-shaking set. It’s like Bobby Lapointe playing at a gypsy wedding with their local musicians and a Soundgarden guitarist dropped in from the sky for a couple of songs. Someone who isn’t interested in Leo’s Cries—now that’s something to cry about.

La Maroq May 11 and 12
Funk/Soul blowout
Rad (from SF)
Some of you understandably tire of a steady diet of guitar rock, electronic blips and gurgles, and, hip hop scratching and rhyming, and techno boom boom. You want old school brass, funk guitar, soulful vocals, and people who do the Locomotion. You want your Motown, you want your Clinton (George, that is). You want to be funked up. You asked for it, here is Rad from the SF Bay area and Fred Wesley and the JBs

Flèche d'Or, May 10
Lo-Fi-Fink and May11 Paris , Showcase

Cafe de la Danse, May 12


Cherrypicked from the brimming Swedish pop scene by none other than the legendary Alan McGee (aka ‘the man who discovered Oasis’), and signed to his Poptones label, Tobias Froberg is another chapter in the emerging folk-rock scene. His second album Somewhere in the City has that ‘happy-sad’ quality to it that hallmarks so much music of these spoilt, consumerist times, but the lightness and optimism is particularly Swedish. CG

Nouveau Casino, May 14
The Scotsman Malcolm Middleton, formerly of Arab Strap, launched a solo career in 2003 received to significant critical acclaim. When the popular Arab Strap disbanded in 2006, Malcolm devoted himself to his solo career. His third effort, the ironically titled A Brighter Beat (Full Time Hobby), is as strong as anything he's released so far. Ephemeral reflections of Belle and Sebastian, Ultravox, and Bright Eyes shimmer on the surface of these songs before disappearing into stranger uses of synthesizer and country electric guitar and Supersuckers-like drumming. The album doesn't drag in the least, even as the lyrics are waving you like a traffic cop through to the graveyard, in "We're all going...": "You're going to die, you're going to die, you're going to die alone." Yahoo! Out like jitterbugging lemmings, well go.

Loney Dear 15/5 Paris, Boule Noire
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter 15/5 Paris, Européen

Nouveau Casino, May 16
Bjorn Berge
BB is a Norwegian bluesman and master of the 12-string guitar. Winner of several Norwegian grammys. Maybe you'd give him one too? Not normally the kind of material you find on PN, but the dude has some great tatoos, a bizarre pirate's goatee, and like I said, knows his metier. So it ain't Slint, but Slint probably likes it.

La Maroq, May 17 Les Inrocks
For now, see if you can negotiate this frog talk below. Better yet, click the Myspace links. These are upandcomin' Limey bands--indeed, some are well on their way in to the spotlight. It's a lot of catchy pop-rock.
Looks like a nice evening at La Maroq...

Ressortir indemnes d'une tournée aux côtés des Babyshambles relève du miracle. The View, eux, ont au contraire profiter de l'occasion pour affiner leur punk déluré et arrogant, surprenant hybride des regrettés Libertines et des jeunes Arctic Monkeys. Originaires de Dryburgh, petiteville écossaise où empoigner une guitare semble être la seule activité possible, les quatre gaillards de The View sont à voir absolument.

C'est à Bexhill-On-Sea, cité balnéaire du Sud anglais, que Mumm-Ra s'est forgé une culture musicale allant des Beach Boys à Sigur Ros, et a développé de véritables envies d'évasion. Pas étonnant donc que cette pop soit aujourd'hui aussi exaltée, se dévoilant, en attendant un album pour mai,lors de concerts épiques, dont on parie qu'ils offriront bientôt à ses auteurs les portes des stades.

C'est bon signe : huit mois seulement auront suffi pour que le célèbre label Stiff Records (maison mère d'Elvis Costello) décide de publier le premier single, 40 days, 40 nights, de The Enemy, nouveau groupe de trois jeunes Anglais de Coventry, situé à mi-chemin entre Oasis et Kasabian. Pas de mauvais jeu de mot : le NME va adorer.

Nouveau Casino, May 18
Seminal Krautrockers/spacerockers--experiments with electronic instruments. Founded in 1970. "Cluster and Neu! founder Michael Rother recorded two albums under the name Harmonia, and as such were joined by Brian Eno for one album, Tracks and Traces (recorded 1976; released 1997). Eno separately worked with Cluster on the albums Cluster & Eno (1977) and After the Heat (1978)."--From Wiki.

La Fleche, May 18
Your handrails:Traces of Nick Drake acoustic; Bauhaus's Peter Murphy for vocals; early Yo La Tengo; clapping hands; "uh-huh"'s and "all right"s--all in one nicely packaged song with a ribbon and a bow for you. Very promising indie frog folk pop.

Or for you francophiles (fans of the dictator Franco): Fraîchement signé sur le label parisien Fargo (Andrew Bird, Neal Casal, Emily Loizeau, Alamo Race Track), Alexandre Varlet a choisi la Flèche d'Or pour son retour aux affaires. Il y interprétera les chansons de "Ciel de Fête", un nouvel album résolument rock, en français, faisant le pont entre chanson d'ici et le rock anglais des années 80, à sortir le 5 juin prochain. Réalisateur du disque, le guitariste et ex-Overhead Nicolas Leroux viendra rejoindre Alexandre ce soir.

La Maroquinerie, May 19
54 Nude Honeys (JP): Soft Porn meets Garage punk with these Japanese Divas who strap on more than guitars. Garage has its musical virtues. But when the genre wants new recruits, it's hard to beat a dominatrix with a guitar( and two of the "honeys" actually have worked as dominatrixes--it's not just a stage persona). Unsurprisingly, most of their recruits are guys. Punkier and unmistakably naughtier than the rest of the puritanical garage genre.

Rodeo Massacre (FR/SWD): The fine line between garage and pop--Hives meets Housemartins. Melodic and energetic--just the second wind you needed when you committed to going out after a long day at the office or in the books.

La Maroquinerie, May 22
Do Make Say Think

A fair dose of Canadian post-rock this month at La Maroq thanks to DMST. What does one say? It's indie guitar rock, with tempo changes galore, and horns.

Bataclan, May 24

Founded in Louisville, KY in 1987 and disbanding in 1991, Slint are considered by many as the founding fathers of post-rock. While wunderproducer Steve Albini released their first album into obscurity, their second album Spiderland was released by Touch and Go in 1991 to a flood of critical acclaim. That album is characterized by choppy rhythms, unpredictable stops and starts; measures of spare whole notes resonating from one guitar while another one plays a repetitive sometimes dissonant hook; slightly louder-than-a-whisper spoken vocals that also occasionally burst into screams, and instrumental volume shifts of the same order. They split up shortly after this highly influential album.

That album is the very reason for a European tour after a 16-year hiatus. In 2005, ATP's Barry Hogan established the Don't Look Back series allowing artists the opportunity to perform live their recordings that have had a significant impact on music. So he’s resurrected Slint to begin in Amsterdam on May 21 for eight dates performing 1991's Spiderland in addition to other material for the first time since the spring of 2005. A legendary band and show. This will surely sell out.

La Fleche May 24
Architecture in Helsinki :
These eight Aussies may have created the best electric blender on the market these days. Whipping up electro-post-rock-reggae-house and the kitchen sink blends, AIH have distinguished themselves as serious chefs of an indie fusion cuisine. They’ll most likely be pushing their latest album of mostly slow-mo-ed housed up remixes, We died, They Remixed (2007 Inertia).

Le Bataclan, May 25
Of Montreal and Syd Matters
Of Montreal has mainly been the baby of talented Athens, GA native Kevin Barnes. The "group" has had such a personnel turnover that it has almost always been Barnes' solo project with revolving backups. Critics are mostly agreed that OM has been mostly fantastic. Here's what critic Jason Ankeny says about Barnes's recent effort: "He moved to Norway with his wife in order to have their baby there. Deprived of familliar touchstones, Barnes fell into a deep depression and, upon returning to the States, things went progressively downhill. He and his wife separated for a time and she returned to her family in Norway with their new daughter. Through the emotional turmoil, Barnes concocted what was to be his darkest, most personal and most ambitious album Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? in 2007."

Ankeny's colleague, Scott McClintock appropriately calls this album a "grower." After all the light pop of earlier Of Montreal albums, this one is decidedly darker and all about Barnes's split with his wife. The songwriting is said to challenge the listener, but the experience is ultimately rewarding...after several careful listens. Better start listening now if you're planning on being capable of appreciating the concert.
p.s. Syd Matters ain't no singer-songwriter to sneeze at--for a Frenchie. His lyrics are superior to most French singer-songwriters who go anglais, and yet I'd say there's sometimes something lacking to those lyrics. I shant parade them for shame's sake here. Listen and you'll see what I mean.
tickets? click here

Le Bataclan May 26
Following two days on the heels of legendary post-rock gang Slint whose first album he produced, Steve Albini, rides into Paris on a donkey to fans waving palm leaves, with his band Shellac in tow.

Shellac is Steve Albini (guitar/vocals), Todd Trainer (drums), and Bob Weston (bass guitar). Albini and Weston are recording engineers of great stature, Albini being one of the most legendary recording engineers of the independent scene. A Northwestern University journalism graduate, Albini started Chicago’s highly successful Electric Audio recording studios, where he has recorded nearly 2000 albums. Among the most well-known artists he’s produced include Pixies, Failure, The Frames, Nirvana, Nina Nastasia, PJ Harvey, Low, Blues Explosion, Mogwai, Bush, Cheap Trick, Neurosis, Zeni Geva, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mclusky, Fred Schneider, The Auteurs, Mono, Dead Man Ray, The Jesus Lizard, Whitehouse, Made Out of Babies, The Breeders, Pegboy, Poster Children, High on Fire, Fugazi, F-Minus, Leftöver Crack, Slint, Page and Plant, Superchunk, Urge Overkill, Unearthly Trance, The Wedding Present, Zao, Joanna Newsom and Gogol Bordello.

Shellac are not a pop-lover’s band. In common with some post- and math-rock is their penchant for odd time signatures, with jagged rhythms, angular riffs, stops and starts, dissonance, and sarcastic lyrics in a style averse to crooners. They all have day jobs and re-form to play tours, to great fanfare on the part of their fans. Their principle of charging very little for shows and objecting to added costs for tickets has also contributed to their status. They curated the All Tommorow’s Parties festival in 2002. This spring tour is said to be a prelude to their first album released since 2000’s 1000 hurts on Touch and Go, called Excellent Italian Greyhound.

Le Point Ephemere, May 29
Band of Horses
I've always said they sounded like My Morning Jacket. But who cares! They're great anyway.

Le Bataclan, May 29
Seeing as how they're playing at the Bataclan, perhaps Wilco are bigger bigshots in Paris than I had realized. They've been experimenting, and moving beyond the twangy country-punk of leader Jeff Tweedy's excellent first band, Uncle Tupelo, ever since the fabulous album one: A.M.
This experimentation is exactly what some fans love about them. Others have abandoned them after album two or three. I lean closer to the latter group. Their latest is Sky Blue Sky (nonesuch Records), and I've only listened to one track on MYspace, which seemed extremely Dylanesque.
Who knows? Might be worth the trip to bogus FNAC for your ticketmaster-like transaction. JH

La Maroquinerie, May 30
BUILT TO SPILL w/ Camper Van Beethoven
A huge concert, to be sure, parisnormalien ladies and gents. Built to Spill would be enough. But with Camper Van B??? Wow.
The Idaho natives BTS were one of the biggest indie rock bands of the 90s. Lead singer Doug Martsch, heavily influenced by the guitar work of Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis, went through considerable personnel changes before landing a stable core in the late 90s. Often compared to Pavement, BTS's/Marsch's complicated guitar arrangements and non-traditional yet poppy song structures made them stand above the pack of Sonic Youth, Pavement, and Slint imitators. They churned out a number of successful albums before slowing down around 2000. 2006's You in Reverse was a kind of comeback album that impressed many critics, some saying it was the best yet from this gargantuan indie band.

And Camper V. B.!
Holy Heart failure, Batman! This is the original outfit marshalled by David Lowery that later produced CRACKER, the indie band that crossed over and had a couple of huge hits in the 90s such as "Low." Nice to see all these 80s and 90s outfits refusing to give in to the cultural pressure of rock as a young man's thang, while at the same time not becoming Rolling Stones and R.E.M. "please shoot me and put me out of your misery" caricatures.

They formed in 1985, cousins--that's right: 22 moons ago! (actually I don't know jack about moon phases, so sorry moonologists). As Denise Sullivan of allmusic has noted, their merging of punk, ska, and world musics was unprecedented at that time. Bands like Kulturshock, Gogol Bordello, Les Hurlements de Leo, Devotchka, and Animal Collective are their legacy. Jonathon Segel's violin/fiddle and mandolin on some songs gave them a twang unheard of in other indie bands of the time. They switched from genre to genre or mixed from song to song. Many of you may know them from Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine, which features their song "Take the Skinheads Bowling." They haven't released anything new in a few years, but they seem to enjoy touring from time to time, and who knows? Maybe they have something new on the burner. Bound to be extremely entertaining en tout cas mes amis! Jh

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