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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Get your ticket if there are any left:Benjy Ferree Saturday Night

April 21
Benjy Ferree La Maroquinerie,
There’s a well-deserved buzz about Domino Records recording artist Benjy Ferree. Ferree basks in the hip light radiated by label peers the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, but there’s nevertheless a jenesaisquoi about his art. Go to the myspace page and listen, and track down his lyrics for yourself. You’ll hear and see traces of Dylan, Oldham, and even Beatles circa Sgt Peppers. Yet you’ll find the whole package very unpackaged: bright, melodic and innocent, as well as dark, idiosyncratic and mature. IN a word, honest. After its release, his 2006 album Leaving the Nest has migrated near and far before landing in a very secure review nest itself, around which adoring critics squawk and flap their wings violently at the first sign of a predator. Not a bad start for this bartender and failed actor who balked at recording until he received moral and production support from Fugazi's Brendan Canty. Squawk, squawk.--Jayson

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