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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Update on our blog/site status

Dear gentle Parisnormalien readers:

I'm quite happy with Parisnormale's readership, since its launch back in October. We have been steadily attracting readers from about 5-10/day in October to 50-130/day now. We also have nearly 50 subscribers to Parisnormale and growing every day. Apparently, even those outside of Paris dream of being Parisnormalien! Who wouldn't? :)
Now, we put a good amount of work into providing you info about gigs and hangouts in Paris, happenings, music reviews in general (not just Paris)and an overall damned good time. All we ask is for a little love in return now and then. Not your money, just a comment every once and awhile. Apparently lots of people read, but they don't comment. Like most kids raised in the thralls of capitalist modernity where both parents worked during our childhoods, we are attention and affection deficient. Help us please. Comment now and then--even if it's to tell us how much you disagree with our take on something. Okay, keep up the good work. Perhaps we should have a Parisnormale meet up some night for those in Paris. Let us know if you're interested.


Ben said...

Thanks for the blog; it's a welcome lifeline even if, much like my French lessons, I've managed to miss every event announced so far. (But it's nice to be reminded that this is a city where Things Are Always Happening).

As for meet-ups, hey sure, they're always awkwa^H^H^H^H^H fun.

Jayson said...

Thanks, Ben! I wish I were able to check out about 1/4 of the stuff I write about here! I'll keep you posted on a Parisnormale meetup!

Formerly "Parisnormale: Paris Rocks"