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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Earlies and Maps at Maroquinerie Thur. March 15

My God this life is too short! So much great stuff coming through here, and I have so much other work to do! IN any case I urge you, Parisnormaliens, to check out the Earlies and Maps this Thursday night at the Maroquinerie. Earlies play some weird-ass psychedelic electronica. Others have noted their likeness to the Flaming Lips, but they're a little less energetic and more tripped out. Also Mercury Rev, and dare I say, dare I say...stripped down Styx, and you young'uns will just have to look that one up. Here are a couple of critics' takes that I agree with:

Q Magazine: "A work of baroque detail, crossing between Mercury Rev's psychedelic Americana and The Beta Band's bucolic electronica." [Aug 2004, p110]

"Imagin[e] the Beach Boys getting strung out in a field on cider midmorning in some alternative universe Texas, surrounded by retro-sounding DIY synths, a raggedy brass section, and a hippy cello player." --Pop Matters

And Maps are a great electronic indie group with a serious buzz in the UK. They received the honor of Radio 1’s Colin Murray’s top25 records of the year, and recently had a full page live review in the NME. They’re signed to Mute and have an album out in the summer. Check their Myspace. Nice My Bloody Valentine and Yo la Tengo influences among others--yes, we all need "dolt-headed signposts" as a wise man once said.

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