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Sunday, February 25, 2007

This Month in INdie Paris: Spring Break!

Calendar part I.
by Jayson

It's the last week of wintry February. But the trees are blooming, and the flowers sprouting--insanely!--up on the lush green pelouse at parc Buttes Chaumont (those little yellow and lavender dots in the photo at left are flowers, though I forget their botanically exact title). Spring is here???!!!!My indie dog, Mirth, certainly does like it (well, more precisely, she likes to sniff and pee on it). It's a nice week for an Indie Spring Break in Paris. Perhaps not enough body and jello shots for some of your wild tastes, but I'm sure you can improvise.

Basically, Monday, February 26 really pisses me off. There are at least three great shows running simultaneously, and I'm in such a dither over it, as mom would say. I'll be hitting Tobias Froberg reluctantly, though I'm excited to hear him.
**=ouch! Hot pick! As Robert Smith would wail, "Hot, Hot, Hot!"

Addresses and other info about each club can be found in our right-hand side bar.
Questions? Want to buy us drinks, give us guitar, accordion, or voice lessons, or give us gifts? email us:

La Fleche D'Or (20me) (No Cover!) Equally exciting offerings.

Mon., Feb. 26: Tahiti Boy's February residency continues.

Wed., Feb. 28: An impressive little lineup for Icelandic Air night at the Fleche.
Holmes, from Vänersborg/Göteborg, Sweden, play indie twang-pop reminiscent of early Tim Carroll, some Whiskeytown (Ryan Adams’ band before going solo) and the Old 97’s—but with Damien Jurado on vocals.

THE JAI-ALAI SAVANT (pronounced hi-a-lie- sa-vant). This Chicago outfit on the Gold Standard Labs label plays an energetically fresh fusion of punk-indie dub, revealing influences, conscious or not, that range from the Clash to the Police and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Loney Dear (Subpop/Dear John), from Jönköping , Sweden , plays bouncy electro and guitar pop with vocals that recall Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle.

These three are joined by VOXTROT (Us) (indie pop), and THEORETICAL GIRL (Uk)

Thur., March 1: Black Daniel ( UK ) melds 70s organ pop with electro and psychedelic influences. Catchy. and Benni Hemm Hemm, from Iceland , play very patiently textured indie compositions that include horn sections, twang (such as pedal steel guitar), and choral vocals in Icelandic. They recall Lampchop and Sigur Ros for some.

Fri. and Sat. March 2 and 3: The Monroes (NL) are a Dutch group that serves up solid, soulful garage rock laced with female vocals sometimes too lovely for the wailing and screeching guitar chords that only reluctantly take their background role in the mix.

Mon., March 5: Li-lund. Lo-fi electro, with influences ranging from Blonde Redhead and Shannon Wright, withsparklingly clear female vocals one finds in twee such as Rose Melberg (Tiger Trap). Newman (Herman Dune) lends his speak-sing to the mix.

Tues., March 6: Minitel (Fr) dub rock; Tinseltown, female vocals sound like a Frankensteinian plot to transplant the voice of Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen O into Tori Amos, with some nice light pop accompaniment--inoffensive.

Wed., March 7: Cornflakeheroes (FR)--Compared to Shins and Pavement, supposedly for their irony and sarcasm. Go here for links to the other French bands for the night.

**Thur., March 8: Jamie T (UK) the new AngloSaxon hiphop, somewhere between a cockneyed Beastie Boys, The Streets, and various and sundry dub-punk-disco-hiphop experiments of our day; Stevens (Swiss), Swiss hiphop on Condor Records. (??)

**Fri., March 9: The Debretts (UK): Artrocker mag blessed them with a "ones to watch" tag. Infectious-as-the-plague punk a la Sex Pistols and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's a virus that just will not die. So why not enjoy it and realize that all those musical anti-biotics are just creating stronger and stronger strands.

Sat., March 10: "Rare Groove Day" music sale and then djs at night : Entrée 1euro de 12h >> 19h according to available space inside.

Mon., March 12: Indie French night. Go here to see links to the French indies.

Tues., March 13: Techno: Bleccccch!

Wed., March 14: Bikini Machine (FR)--"soul rock." Plus other French indies.

Nouveau Casino

**Mon., Feb 26: Bromheads Jacket: Indie Brit punk-pop that has been said to be notoriously devoted to the 70s British punk eruption. However, some of their slower stripped down songs recall mid-career Billy Bragg.

**Wed., Feb 28 The Junior Boys: Here's how Pitchfork described their 2006 EP "So this is Goodbye": "its brittle rhythms and gleaming synths coalescing with the dark shapes and city lights in constant renewal on the other side of my window, the unfamiliarity of my surroundings giving it all a further resonance..." and "glowing synth lines and frigid percussions."

**March 13 : The Supersuckers
If you like to rock and you miss this, well then you super-suck!

**March 16: Kristen Hersh. The former Throwing Muses bassist has amused us with a string of beautifully crafted and critically acclaimed singer-songwriter albums. Somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Will Oldham's long lost female twin separated at birth.

Le Divan du Monde (18me)

**Mon., Feb. 26: Tobias Froeberg: Another Nordic indie singer-songwriter in the elastic mold of Nick Drake, Jose Gonzales, and I’m hearin’ pas mal de Simon and Garfunkle and Cat Stevens in it too. And after all, Froeberg's delicate and searching For Elisabeth Wherever She Is (2004) seems a clear hearkening back to S&G's song "For Emily, wherever I may find her."

La Maroquinerie

**Mon., Feb. 26: My Brightest Diamond

Tues., Feb. 27: Explosions in the Sky (honorable mention; check them at myspace—I think it’s sold out. But when there’s a will to stand outside the Maroquinerie repeating “billet, billet?” on a seemingly endless loop, there’s a billet.)

Fri., March 2: Congopunq: Pop Punk / Regional Mexican / Tropical. Though they’re French J, they seem pretty interesting. Check them on myspace. Hell, I'll go if you buy my ticket.

Sat., March 3: No Water Please

**Sun., March 4: Young Blood Brass Band

Mon., March 5:Babet: Uh, I don't know about this. Punchy French female vocals that, for me, seem to conjure up a French singer on a Vegas stage opening for the Rat Pack--to a folky perky background accompaniment.

**Wed., March 7:Brakes: Strange hybrid, but I like it. We're talking a meaner version of Franz Ferdinand but then the next song (such as "On Your Side") might be closer to indie/alt country. Hard to pin down and it demonstrates the kind of campy humor of their compatriots Art Brut. Cursive (Omaha, US) opens for Brakes. Here's what critics have been saying about them: “Kasher has traded such woe-is-me sentiment for a set of more engaging musical arrangements, applying booming gospel voices and Dixieland horns to his band’s spastic art-rock posturing” - Spin

Thur., March 8: Leave: ?

**Fri., March 9:Jamika: Hip Hop, electro, dub, spoken word. Highly acclaimed African-American poetess transplanted in London--eclectic.

**March 14: High Llamas: I thought this was Belle and Sebastian when I first heard it. Light and creative, the latest album (Can Cladders, on Drag City) is woven with strings, tambourines and banjos. Skip the Prozac today and try this instead.

Point Ephemere
March 26: Trans Am, Electro-Indie Rock.

Also watch for weekly announcements about Le Tryptique, OBA-Bastille, Le Java, and La Generale. See the sidebar for more info about these venues.

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