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Monday, February 05, 2007

This Week in Indie Paris, and new venues

by Jayson
For the week ending Feb. 11, I thought I'd highlight a few likely good choices (since we're a bit late on our calendar for the month, ahem). But first I'll say I had a fantastic time at Le Limonaire (never had a bad time there, come to think of it) Friday night, seeing the extremely entertaining and loveably named Yeti, Mange-moi, as well as Arlt (formerly Sing-Sing and Eloise).

Yeti and Mange-moi were as much theater as music. Extremely energetic and funny as hell (Yeti has a rubber fish attached to her accordion...just like mine), Yeti and Mange-moi were hard acts to follow for my decidedly more sober old standby Arlt. But they don't disappoint, either. I would recommend all of these artists if you see them on the Limonaire bill, or any other. Mange-moi's lead singer charmed me with her chicken dance and trombone virtuosity. They also have a song about spanking and underwear in which they charmingly, gimmickily string a clothes line festooned with some impressive undergarments--I got quite an education--all across the petite salle. I'll spare you the joke about finally getting to see some French underwear...

Monday, tonight, at Fleche D'Or: SOPHIALO REN (Fr/Us).
Even if you don't read French, you can make out the hybrid sound described in this snippet I've pasted from the Fleche site: hip hop, electronic, broken beat and punk rock. Sanguine, I'm tres sanguine.
"Issu du collectif franco-américain Spontane, révélés dans l’underground New-Yorkais, ces musiciens combinent hip hop, musiques électroniques, broken beats et punk rock dans une ambiance psychédélique et novatrice. Le groupe a déjà partagé l’affiche avec Antibalas (Ninja Tune), Roots Manuva (Big Dada) et Dr Israël." There's also a French band in residence this month at Fleche, Tahiti Boy. Their photo boasts a miniature pink piano, which I assume is actually played on stage. I'm a sucker for a pink piano.

Tuesday at Fleche: An American band affectionately called "Flop." Sounds like a nostalgia band for early 90s Seattle--Mudhoney, Nirvana, etc. But their description got me interested--not sure whether that means I'm superficial, they are or both. They claim to have stolen their "friends'" instruments and started their band. How punk is that? Here's their myspace: :
A wonderfully named French band, Lapin Machin, ends the night; they're described as "punk-folk." Sounds promising.

Wednesday at the Fleche D'or: CHARLES CAMPBELL-JONES (London)
On September 24th 2006, Australian keyboardist, songwriter and vanguard Charles Campbell-Jones delivers his debut album Wasting The Duke on Bronzerat records, an unorthodox yet classic journey rooted in blues, glam, krautrock and West Coast harmonies, and bolstered by masterful songwriting. It was recorded over 12 months in various London studios and mixed by Ben Thackeray (Bloc Party, Roots Manuva, Winnebago Deal, etc). Previously likened to Kate Bush, Roxy Music, Lift To Experience and Nut Gone Flake era Small Faces (the psychedelic tracks, not the cockernee ones), CCJ's music combines serious artistic ambitions, beauty and no-nonsense rock and roll.

AT the Maroquinerie (the Maroq) Monday night, tonight, a young Parisian talent showcase. From chanson Afro-folk to electronica. Must be something interesting there.

Tuesday at the Maroq: Son of Dave, polyinstrumentalist formerly of the Crash Test Dummies. Son of a Dave appears with Fink, British electro scene fave.

Wednesday features the sehr noisiche Kiwis, the Datsuns. Check the Maroq calendar if you read French. Some interesting stuff there this week (as is often the case), but it may be worth going to myspace to listen first.

Recently I mentioned the Studio de l'Hermitage as a charming new venue I discovered. Seeing Little Red Lauter at the Bicyclette Saturday reminded me to mention that venue too. One could also add Cafe de Paris. And "one" will add them to our fast-growing index of indie bars/venues in our right-hand sidebar (yes, as opposed to our left-hand sidebar, smartasses).
Have a great week in surprisingly indie-enough Paris.

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