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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"New" Venues

Recently added to our sidebar list of venues and bars:

1. Le Tryptique: FUJIYA & MIYAGI (Tirk Records / UK), whose album last year was on many critics best of 2006, are playing March 28, for example. Better get hoppin' on those tickets. And watch for shows here, which will be announced on Parisnormale if we can keep up with all this--which is great, surprising, and even a tad bit overwhelming.

2. La Générale, a squat whose life, I'm told, is rapidly expiring. Punk bands, electro and contemporary art expos. This is said to be Paris' answer to a contemporary art scene that has been nearly moribund for quite awhile, thanks to gentrification and other factors.
10-14 rue du Général Lasalle 75019
M° Belleville ou Pyrénées (ligne 11)

3. La Feline: Menilmontant bar with regular mainly rockabilly djs and live music. See my last post for more info.
4. OPA-Bastille: cutting edge mainly French indie rock and electro. See sidebar for more info.
5. Le Java: quite varying offerings, from indie rock to country, hip hop, electro and techno. Sidebar.
6. Le Klub: some harder rock here and a lot of djing. Sidebar.
Have a good week.

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