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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pulling the Plug: Alamo Race Track

Show Plug: Alamo Race Track Wednesday night at La Maroquinerie. These guys are distributed by local indie label lovers Fargo Records. Fargo has chosen wisely. ART has been compared, in their different aspects, to Radiohead, early Sparklehorse, and Dakota Suite. Check them at myspace for a sample. The macabre vocals of "Black Cat John Brown," sound as if they were recorded in an empty cave and then layered with folky licks that build to ye-ye background music (a guitar whose effects sound like late 60s early 70s pop organ). It also reminds me of some sort of 45" that I would've heard in gradeschool music class (and that's meant to be a compliment). -Wavy pop to starkly foregrounded vocals, to 60s/70s jangly three-chord pop, and experimental sounds, these guys are worth checking out.

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