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Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Paris Venues, plus Sing-Sing and Eloise update

...Studio de l'Ermitage and OPA

by Jayson
Okay, so they're new to us. But maybe they're new to you too. If not, you still need their information included in our schedule.

I recently had the pleasure of attending an Arlt show at the charming Studio de l'Ermitage, which is nooked away on the equally charming street by the same name just a pebble's roll down the hill from Rue des Pyrenees. (Metro Pyrenees or Menilmontant; I choose the former when I'm tired, the latter is uphill).

The Studio is really a fairly large space for a venue that does not offer the brand names but the independent. I won't reveal my pathetic ineptitude with the metric system (Thank you, Ronald Reagan!) by hazarding a guess of its dimensions. But I'll say that it has a fairly long "classique" wooden bar with a huge mirror behind it (Stella and Guinness on tap, 3euro demis), and a kind of opera-ish upstairs with a few tables just around the square parameter for those who have a penchant for looking down their noses at others....

Arlt, by the way, is formerly Sing-Sing and Eloise (remember? "Voice like a theramin?"). Trivia: do you know who or what Arlt is? What is the origin of this curious moniker? Whether or not you indulge me in quiz show here, we wish them well as their career advances. Check them when you can. You can listen to them, etc. on their myspace page--mais bien sur!

Another recent discovery is the OPA, 9 rue Biscornet, in the 12th (Metro Bastille). This joint appears to be an important opportunity for burgeoning indie rock, electro, and dj acts. It has not been evaluated by Parisnormaliens yet. We'll keep you posted.
That's the update for today, PN's. Be well. Now who or what is Arlt?

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