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Thursday, January 04, 2007

January Calendar


Alt.lang Syne...


Peter Bjorn and John, La Maroquinerie Jan. 13

Les Inrocks, La Maroquinerie Jan. 19, see below; excellent lineup

Pet with Metro Riots, La Fleche D'Or, Jan. 18

Guns of Brixton, Noveau Casino, Jan. 18



Jan. 9

La Fleche D'Or (20me) (No Cover!) Equally exciting offerings. (by BILL)

Jan. 15 Romain Düdek (Fr); rock, experimental.// Benjamin Sportès (Fr); pop sentimental rock.// MIRO (FR); reminds me of a French version of the Greatful Dead.// Travis Bürki (Fr); pop/folk.// Santamaria (Fr); rock.

Jan. 17 Syd Matters (Fr); anglophone Frenchmen. With a folky electronic sound that has potential, their lyrics holds its own among the great indie poets. A must to check out.// H-Burns (Fr); If you like Woodie Gutherie or M. Ward, classic, dust-ballad, style of American folk, this is definitely your man.// Fugu (Fr); total 70s rock kickback: Steely Dan, Paul McCartney etc. Cocosuma (Fr); psychedelic rock. Very interesting cover of Nirvana’s “The Man who sold the World.”

Jan. 18 Pet (All); pop rock.// The Earlies (Uk); psychedelic/ experimental.// Metro Riots (Uk); rock, blues.// Vertigo Quartet (Fr); pop rock.

Jan. 20 Tanger (Fr); rock.// Näd Mika (Ger); new wave, electro-pop. Mostly an electro night.

Jan. 22 Yann Perreau (Fr); pop.// Clement Metapop (Fr); sounds like “M”.// MIRO (Fr)// Paco Volume (Fr); if you just never got what pop French rock was all about, this band does it in English. Fun music.

Jan. 24 Syd Matters (Fr)// Tahiti Boy & the Palmtree Family (Fr); weepy folk tunes. Very Wes Anderson style.// New Pretoria (Fr); Folk rock, country.// Fruitkey (Fr); late 60s sound, bluesy/rockabilly.

Jan. 25 Rien (Fr); post-rock, symphonic sound possibly to excess.// Chateau Marmont (Fr); pop rock with a hint of country.

Jan. 26 The Sokos (Fr); old-fashioned country rock sung with a French accent.// Absynthe Minded (Bel); rock.// Early Day Miners (USA); slightly melancholic but unusually rich in sound. The songs attempt to capture the vast, emptiness of America’s heartland and the road less traveled. Recommended. Udi Kagan (Fr/Is)//

Jan. 27 Yakusa (Fr); rock.// The Holloways (Uk); punk, rock // Cheenah (Uk); slightly lighter version of Talk Taxis// Fatels (Uk); punk.

Jan. 29 Fred Jimenez (Fr); late 70s light rock.// Benjamin Sportès (Fr); sentimental rock.// Hey Hey My My (Fr); similar to Nick Drake or Frank Black.// Paco Volume.

Jan. 31 Syd Matters (Fr)// Hopper (Fr); rock //Mansfield.TYA (Fr); electro/experimental heavily influenced by classical music.// Rhesus (Fr); pop.

Maroquinerie(By Jayson)

Jan. 10 Gomm (FR);Doppler(FR);Boogers (FR)--What's in a name?

Jan. 11 Generic; Mondragon;Warum Joe; Justine.

Jan. 12 Le Nombre; The Vegas (FR) Stooges and Surf;Green Lizard (UK) says they're hardcore but check their site.

Jan. 13*Peter Bjorn and John (Sweden) Hot pick, They say they "combine 1980s synth pop, Motown and noisy guitar rock to tasteful effect." Indeed I hear bizarre 80s hybrids, something like Aztec Camera meets the Knack, Echo and the Bunnymen, and some surfy guitar licks. Highly recommended.

Jan. 15 Eiffel (sold out) Whatever...

Jan. 16 Dum Dum, not sure what this one really is. The Maroq. site says "Slam, jazz urbain & polar." Your guess is as good as mine.

Jan. 17 Lo Cor de la Plana (FR): a choir of men, but more innovative than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Jan. 18 Hot, Hot, Hot picks! Ouch! Les Inrocks Indie Rock Soiree. The Automatic (UK), Myspace site says Blur, Queen, Radiohead, but to me they seem to be yet another contemporary Brit band that's discovered Gang of Four, Buzzcocks, and the Undertones, as well as Blur--catchy; THE SUNSHINE UNDERGROUND, (Leeds, UK) recognizable limey pop vocals meet grungy guitars--also catchy ; + The Clerks (Manchester), Joy Division, Sonic Youth, the Cure haunt their nevertheless musically upbeat tempos. A very good lineup. See you there!

Jan. 19 Duke Special ( Belfast). This guy is touted for a distinctive sound, an artiste, if you will. Influences are Elliot Smith, Tom Waits, and Magnetic Fields, he says. But I hear Ryan Adams a bit in there. The trumpets and piano (almost a la George Winston) do indeed give it a distinctive sound. Give it a listen on Myspace, and check out the photographic resemblance to Robert Smith, sans makeup--very cure-ious.

Jan. 22 Sandi Thom (full); too bad, this indie folk is pretty cool.

Jan. 23 I'm from Barcelona; Nice to meet you, and I'm from Topeka.

Jan. 24 Alamo Race Track (Amsterdam); This Fargo Records act mixes it up a bit, but there's something interestingly "oldies station" meets a lighter Sleater Kinney; the vocals are sweet and echoing; the spritely guitars sometimes sound as though you're watching an episode of "Josey and the Pussycats" in the 70s on Saturday morning cartoons. But then there's something just slightly dissonant about them, like an injection of Forward Russia! If you like hybridity, especially coming from late 60s airy pop, check it out.

Nouveau Casino

Jan. 13: DEICIDE, VISCERAL BLEEDING / PSYCROPTIC (pop rock, they say)


Jan. 24: Brand New (NYC)19h30

Jan. 25: Le Mur, ZEA / BLACK SIFICHI / MUTE. Pop/punk meets electronica experimentation.

Feb. 5: OK GO: These Chicago pop stars rose to prominence first doing soundtracks to NPR shows out of Chicago. Then they produced some of the cleverest videos known to humankind. Should be a fun night.

Point Ephemere (19me)

Sadly, no indie rock scheduled for January thus far.

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Anonymous said...

Hey... great blog. I am coming to Paris March 1st- 10th... Looking to catch a good show sometime in that week. Know of anything?

Thanks so much for any help!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Pam. Thanks.
Try this venue:
That should be the link for March. There are a couple of interesting shows there during your stay. You can check out the bands' myspace pages for mp3 samples.

Formerly "Parisnormale: Paris Rocks"