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Friday, December 08, 2006

Jayson on next week

Lately I've learned not to look forward to too much in the near future. It's a great new plan: just see what the present does to you, after what you did to it, and try to figure out whether you can do anything with it. Will it be generous? Will it be stingy? Will it be unforgiving? Will it forgive?
What escapes the present?
Is music the great exception?
Crystal balls and bloggerly self-indulgence aside, I look forward to the following. Might you join me in the necessary folly of musical optimism?

Dec. 8 Yes, that's right now. Stop reading this, damn it, and get yer derriere over to the Fleche d'or: Electric President (US); pop electro rock.// Jim Bianco (US); bluesy, south westen eclectic sound, similar to Tom Waits.// Blood Red Shoes. (If you liked Sleater Kinney) // Viva Voce (US); classic american rock. bit of psychedelic influence too.

Golden Grahams--err Member--er Boots. VU meets Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, says their Myspace page. Give'em clever points.
Fleche d'or: Dec. 19 Golden Boots (US); I'll be damned if this high-heeled falutin' Eurotrash don't need a good shot of

Dec. 14 Les Inrocks Indie Club featuring: The Long Blondes (
UK)(I'm hearing some Siouxie and the Banshees, and I'm likin' it); 60s femme rock. // Good Shoes (UK); new wave.// The Answer (UK).

Also at Maroqui.
Dec. 16 Lords of Altamont (US); Very spaghetti Western, meets cowpunk, lighter more psychedelic Jesus and Mary Chain--all in one song. I kid you not. Follow the link. Dig it.

Nouveau Casino:
Dec. 14 New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble (US): Uh, it's like a ska-jazz ensemble that comes from New York...Come to think of it these pointy-headed and -toed Parisiens could use a good ska kick in the derriere too! If you like experimental ska, don't balk. If you don't know what that is, well, I won't say you shouldn't be here. Just go to it.

Point Ephemere:
Dec 10 Goûter d'écoute de Noël Arte Radio Stories of family, toys of madness, and a light feast for the ears when presents a line up of musical creations and documentaries. Includes Le Partage, a film by Mathilde Guermonprez of the story of ten brothers and sisters who reunite to divide their parents' belongings. Sniffle...but I bet it's cool.

Dec. 14 Rock Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth)+ Two Dollar Guitar with Chris Brokaw + Awesome Color A favorite of Point Ephémère with a solo opening performance from Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Dude, it's LEE RENALDO, S-O-N-I-C Y-O-U-T-H. Should you go? Duh.

Dec. 19 "Unclassifiable" Klezmer groove Ozone & Marc Ducret + Zakarya Ozone invites Marc Ducret and circumvents guitar, rock'n'roll, and jazz. Difficult to classify Zakarya's jazz, waltz, trash, Balkan rock style, but there goes. What part of "Balkan rock" don't you understand? What part of "trash" doesn't rev your engine? What kind of an America--er, cosmopolite are you?

Dec. 21 Panico + Motormark + Soffy O + Fox n'wolf Typical South American Garage Punk. Lead singer Eduardo of Panico is a "hippie-Latin version of Joey Ramone." The group takes a break from recording a new album to come to Ephémère. "Hippie-Latin" and Ramone? I think I'm in love...

See you there, Parisnormaliens. I'll be the guy in the Devo, Clash, Ramones, Woodie Guthrie, Pavement, Robbie Fulks, Merle Haggard, or Bloodshot Records t-shirt, singing Hank Williams Sr. to himself with five empty pint glasses for friends...That is, unless you join me.

Happy, Merry, Consumer Binge!

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