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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December Calendar


Santa’s here early with…


Danielson, La Maroquinerie Oct. 15

Blood Red Shoes, La Fleche D'Or, Dec.7, 8

Darmstadt, La Fleche D'Or, Dec.11

Long Blonds, Good Shoes La Maroquinerie, Dec. 14

Marianne Dissard, La Fleche D'Or, Dec. 19



Dec. 9 Mylo Paris Party Release (Scotland); electronic.

Dec. 17 Kagerou (Japan); Japanese rock.

La Fleche D'Or (20me) (No Cover!) Equally exciting offerings.

Picks of the month: Blood Red Shoes, Darmstadt, Marianne Dissard, Glasvegas

Dec. 6 Alexandre Kinn (FR); folk rock. Like a French Jack Johnson.// The Love Bandits (FR); simple, catchy classic rock with a southern blues influences.// Red (FR); rock.

Dec. 7 The Volunteer (UK) Early New Order sound. Dark disco feel.// The Dead Sexy Inc. (US) electro punk.// David & The Citizens (Sweden); vocals sounds like a faster Counting Crows.// Blood Red Shoes (UK); garagey pop sound, catchy.

Dec. 8 Electric President (US); pop electro rock.// Jim Bianco (US); bluesy, south westen eclectic sound, similar to Tom Waits.// Blood Red Shoes. // Viva Voce (US); classic american rock. bit of psychedelic influence too.

Dec. 9 Bo (FR); electro rock.// Dictafone (FR); pop folk.// Electric President.

Dec. 11 Jad Wio// Candy Clash (FR); no wave rock. // Darmstadt (FR) post-punk, joy division/interpol-ish.// Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (FR); poppy, fun rock.

Dec. 13 Alexandre Kinn // The Love Bandits // Red (FR); rock.// Lena Deluxe.

Dec. 15 Koko Von Napoo (FR); 80s new wave.// Osni (FR); rock.// Hopper (FR) Ghinzu-ish sound with less pop.

Dec. 16 Tcheky Karyo (FR); ambiance.// Fauve (CH); jazzy folky stuff with lyrics sung soft as lullabies.// Project Zlust (Macedonia); somber, somewhat eerie Balkan folk music with a modern twist.// Kiril (Macedonia); balkin folk gone electric.

Dec. 18 Jad Wio // Christine (UK); new wave, pop punk.// Cercueil (FR); electronica, pop.// John and Jehn (FR); post-punk with some Doors influences. // Pravda (FR) electro rock.

Dec. 19 Golden Boots (US); country. Neil Young influences and some Velvet Underground.// Marianne Dissard (US); American folk sung in French. Latest album was co-written with Calexico’s Joey Burns.// Naim Amour (US); French folk.

Dec. 20 Alexandre Kinn // The Love Bandits // Red // Charlie O

Dec 22. The Marxmallows (FR); pop punk.// Neimo (FR); rock, new wave.// Madamoiselle K (FR); rock.

Dec. 27 Alexandre Kinn // The Love Bandits // Red // Charlie O

Dec. 28 The Green Olive (FR); poppy rock.// Please Don’t Blame Mexico (FR); poppy but eccentric rock.// Hey Hey My My (FR); rock. // Glasvegas (Scotland); 50s doo-wop with a punkish upbeat.


Dec. 2 Sweet Silence (US); emo, acoustic. Cardinal Colère (FR); rock.

Dec. 3 Merry (Sweden); 90s pop rock.

Dec. 4 Troy Von Balthazar (FR); elcetic taste in instruments, something out of music boxes and childrens theatre and blended with rock. Well done.

Dec. 5 Danielson (US); A product of Daniel Smith’s senior thesis, it’s an indie classic in the making. Symphonic, and folky at the same time.// Jeffrey Lewis.

Dec. 6 Badly Drawn Boy (UK); rock.

Dec. 7 Nery Belgistan (FR); French rock.

Dec. 8 Nomeansno (Canada); hardcore.

Dec. 9 Shawn Lee (US)

Dec. 12 Axiom (US); death metal. System of A Down type stuff.

Dec. 14 Les Inrocks Indie Club featuring: The Long Blondes (UK); 60s femme rock. // Good Shoes (UK); new wave.// The Answer (UK).

Dec. 15 New Model Army (US)

Dec. 16 Lords of Altamont (US); psychedelic rock, garage, punk.

Dec. 22 Kiemsa (FR); hardcore with ska?!.// Absolute.// Spic

Nouveau Casino

Dec. 6 Poney Poney (FR); punkish, similar to Talk Taxis.// Fancy (FR); classic rock, rock.

Dec. 11 Mono (Japan); electronic, similar to God Speed You Black Emperor and Mogwai. Playing with Goodbye Diana (Fr); rock.

Dec. 12 Steeple Remove (FR); rock similar to Broken Social Scene.// I love UFO.

Dec. 14 New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble (US); it’s a ska-jazz ensemble from New York! Pretty good stuff.

Dec. 15 Anne Clark (UK) Every sythn-pop sound the 80s ever represented.

Dec. 18 Aswefall// Nelson (FR); electronia base with a punk rock sound.

Dec. 31 Midnight to sun-up, the Casino is hosting a party but with hip hop, funk, rock, and 80s music. 18E with a glass of champagne included.

Point Ephemere (19me)

Dec. 1 Experimental Electro Felix Kübin + Gangpol und Mit + Plateau Repas

Dec.2 Rock The Thermals [+] This Portland, Oregon based band’s gritty post-pop-punk sound comes alive through their “get the fuck out while you can” lyrics. For all those ex-pats fleeing from the states, this is your concert.

Dec. 5 Projection suivie d'un spécial live Transhumance Nicolas Boone Transhumance visual arts. Free entry for those interested.

Dec. 6 French Hip Hop Teki Latex + Just Jack + Yes Boss Former member of French hip hop and twisted electronic band TTC, Teki Latex went solo and with his first single “Disco Dance with You.” If you’re into French Hip Hop, or just looking to dance, Tiki’s new retro sound is sure to be an entertainment at the least.

Dec. 8 Noise Aids Wolf This “noisy and discordant” punk band from Montreal with improv tendencies claims to have no shame. Describing their sound as a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag, they are part of the current effervescence of Canadian experimental rock.

Dec 10 Goûter d’écoute de Noël Arte Radio Stories of family, toys of madness, and a light feast for the ears when presents a line up of musical creations and documentaries. Includes Le Partage, a film by Mathilde Guermonprez of the story of ten brothers and sisters who reunite to divide their parents’ belongings.

Dec. 12 Vaudou jazz Adjabel + invités (Fr / Haïti) [+] The Afrobeat of Fela Kuti, the music-Root of Atissou Loko opens a new chapter in the history of Adjabel. A master of the ancestral drums is surrounded by remarkable musicians, Peter Corser on saxophone, clarinet and lambis, Rico Kerridge on guitar, Gillian Mombo with the second drum, and Scott Taylor with a guest appearance on accordion. A mixture of culture voodoo, afro-rates/rhythms, and hypnotic dancing. Rare and rich “like a black pearl,” as Ephémère’s site says.

The Rooooo Christmas Festival- Here’s Point Ephémere’s Christmas present to you in the form of a three night soirée. Choose from the legendary Red Krayola, Lee Ranaldo, or the still youthful Magik Markers

Dec. 13 Rock The Red Krayola + Turzi . The psychedelic, avant-garde rock band from Houston, Texas, formed by art students at the University of St. Thomas in 1966 is no stranger to negative reviews. But nonetheless, they are still alive and rocking with their noise rock, psychedelia and occasionally folk/country songs and instrumentals in a DIY-punk fashion, which says something.

Dec. 14 Rock Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth)+ Two Dollar Guitar with Chris Brokaw + Awesome Color A favorite of Point Ephémère with a solo opening performance from Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth.

Dec. 18 Rock Jackie O Motherfucker + Magik Markers The last of the three night Christmas Festival features Jackie O Motherfucker’s post-rock, free-jazz or psychedelic folk. The American trio Magik Markers’ improvised rock'n'roll was born along side Sonic Youth last summer in the states.

Dec. 19 “Unclassifiable” Klezmer groove Ozone & Marc Ducret + Zakarya Ozone invites Marc Ducret and circumvents guitar, rock'n'roll, and jazz. Difficult to classify Zakarya’s jazz, waltz, trash, Balkan rock style, but there goes.

Dec. 20 Jazz–slam Ascenseur + Print & D’ de Kabal Slam n’Jazz contest.

Dec. 21 Panico + Motormark + Soffy O + Fox n’wolf Typical South American Garage Punk. Lead singer Eduardo of Panico is a “hippie-Latin version of Joey Ramon.” The group takes a break from recording a new album to come to Ephémère.

Dec. 22 Soirée Dub Excursion party I Electro fans, get in one last soirée before going home for the holidays. Put on by the electro label dub. Live guests include Thierry Arnold, Rondo, Weeding Dub, and Molecule.

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